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Planning Ahead: Getting your CPD head on

7th Aug 2019
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There is no time like the present to start thinking about goals, both personally and professionally. Whilst traditionally when we think about setting goals we think of our personal life it is also the ideal time to think of professional developments and career goals. Ask yourself what it is you want and then decide how your CPD will help you achieve it.

Where to start

At times it can be difficult to identify the right goals – to pin point specifics rather than general areas. One way of overcoming this is to start where you finished last. Take some time to go over your most recent CPD resources. What satisfied your professional development needs and what didn't? Even work appraisals can come in handy. Reflect on what was brought to your attention. Looking at your current job description can be useful too. Think about what you want to achieve but also what you've neglected. Compile these thoughts to ensure a strong plan of action in preparation for making sure this year your professional goals are reached.

Defining your goals

Being able to define your goals is helpful when planning your CPD, as this allows for a more focused and accurate approach, giving you the best possible chance of reaching your goals. Some ideas are:

Goal What you should be thinking about
Greater responsibility in your job Can you see yourself taking on more tasks? Perhaps leading your own project, or team? Maybe there is a role outside your current department you are interested in taking on?
Learn about new regulations affecting my job Recently the new UK and Ireland GAAP has made a big change for the accounting industry, and tax laws and employment laws are always being updated. What do you need to do to make sure you're up to date?
Develop new soft skills Is it time to start thinking about learning new management, IT or networking skills? There’s always room for improvement in the ever-changing work place which could make a big impact on you and benefit those you work with.
Get promoted Hitting the next mark is on most of our minds, getting to that next step. Are you actively working on preparing yourself for the new challenges and responsibility for a new or higher position?
Plan succession If you’re planning on moving on from your role, organisation, or project are you ensuring that you’re training those staying on to take over your responsibilities?
Become an expert in an area Are you hoping to refine your knowledge in a particular area or subject of interest? Perhaps you need to work on communicating your ideas and writing them effectively.

Getting started

CPD is easy to put off until the last minute. But good professional development comes from knowing what changes you need to make and making them. CPD is a great tool for reflecting on your career as well as moving forward in it, so there is no better time to start making this progress.

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