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Podcast: KeyPay's Co-founder & Director Richard McLean on cloud tech

25th Aug 2021
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After working for over 20 years in IT, Richard McLean and his three co-founders Paul Duran, Phil Bernie and Kristian Reynolds took the leap and created KeyPay in 2012.

Rich recently spoke to Nick Day - founder of JGA Recruitment, on the "Payroll Podcast" about the rise of cloud payroll technology, and how accountants can improve payroll processes using automation, and make payroll profitable.

In this episode, Rich was asked:

  1. How does the payroll market in Australia differ from the UK, in terms of technology, perception, and/or complexities?
  2. What does the future of payroll look like? 
  3. What problematic, conventional payroll processes do you think have been accepted as ‘the norm’ by payroll professionals?
  4. Why do you think accounting firms and payroll bureaus are slower to adopt cloud payroll technology?
  5. What features should accountants look out for in their payroll technology to maximise their efficiencies
  6. How else can technology add value?
  7. What changes could payroll bureaus or accountants make to improve their processes?
  8. How can payroll departments make payroll profitable?

Useful links

Thought leadership paper: How accountants can use technology to make payroll profitable – Exploring automation in the UK payroll space and the opportunity it can bring for payroll, KeyPay interviewed 8 thought leaders about technology innovation and trends in the industry. Their responses, alongside research into the state of payroll in the UK, contributed toward KeyPay’s recent piece.

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