Podcast: Peter Harris, Head of Global Partnerships at Intuit - Solving customer problems through partnerships

13th Oct 2021
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Way back, what feels like a million years ago, at the end of 2020, Peter Harris, Head of Global Business Development and Global Partnerships at Intuit, joined KeyPay on The Pay Off Podcast to discuss his role, the Intuit business culture, and his take on how to forge and maintain great partnerships.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t already know, Intuit is an American business, with a global presence, specialising in financial products. Founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, Intuit’s product offerings include Turbo Tax, Mint and, the small business accounting and financial management software, QuickBooks. It’s through QuickBooks that KeyPay and Intuit share a close partnership in Australia.  

Bridging gaps through integration partnerships

Pete explained to us that part of his role at Intuit includes identifying functionality gaps in the QuickBooks product where it isn’t in Intuit’s best interest to attempt to build the functionality themselves. Pete and his team then look to the market and find the best third-party technology providers to integrate with in order to bridge the gaps and deliver a seamless experience to their customers.

Transferring existing skills 

Pete had an interesting career trajectory. His educational background is in computer science, and he also spent time in the banking sector, but it was the thirteen years that Pete spent at Deloitte, starting out as an auditor, where he found he had a knack for picking apart and understanding business processes at an operational and financial level. Pete says these skills have come in very handy in his role in partnerships at Intuit.

Prioritising the customer experience 

In order to understand customers’ core expectations of the product, Pete underscored the importance of listening to real customers. Pete’s team aims to meet core expectations and deliver some extra ‘delighters’ that the customer themselves may never have thought of. To get there, they employ the strategies of design thinking, brainstorming, creativity, and “leap of faith assumptions”. 

Beautiful collaboration with technology partners

Pete gets a lot of satisfaction from collaborating with smaller tech partners to deliver something neither party could achieve alone. He sees himself as a connector between the smaller tech companies he works with who are trying to solve a problem, and the large QuickBooks users who are experiencing the problem. 

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