Podcasting – the best kept business networking secret

5th Apr 2021
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If you're reading this you won't be podacasting yourself but how many of you subscribe to a podcast?

I’ll wager that the overwhelming majority of you don’t, probably because you think you don’t have the time. BIG mistake, and here's why.....

I started listening to one that was recommended to me casually by a relative during the second lockdown and I am now a regular – it’s a great filler when waiting in a queue and an ideal companion when out walking.

It got me thinking - properly thinking, which usually occurs in the shower meaning I can't take notes! But this didn't need notes because I could see massive potential and it really appealled to my communication skills.

So after a week or two of research I launched my own podcast in January on a fortnightly basis and have built up a nice following of listeners, including some avid ones.

How do I know this?

Not from the stats – because they have got in touch to tell me. What better way to promote your services than to be actively engaged with potential customers in a truly meaningful way?

So maybe you should think about it to boost your standing with existing clients and certainly to attract new business as part of a holistic or multi-faceted approach. A decent podcast will hook your clients and it means they will be singing your praises to others. Not just that but simply by telling their friends and family you are immediately in the ears ( literally ) of hot leads in a way you would never ever have managed otherwise. 

In the meantime, listen to my “Business Insights” – you won’t be disappointed and you can share some of the idea with your clients, family and friends. Hopefully it will inspire you to launch your own !


Business Insight With Norman Younger - Business Advice for SMEs



I bet some of you will be inspired to launch your own and I’d be happy to share my experience as a novice.