Power up your payroll with integrated accounting software

11th Jan 2021
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Integrating your payroll solution with your accounting software makes sense for many reasons, including efficiency, time-saving and improved workflows. 

Processing payroll is often seen as a time-consuming task, and without the right software, it can be. If you don’t have an integrated system, you will find yourself entering the same information repeatedly because it needs to be both in your payroll and accounting software. This, besides being a boring process and not a very good use of your time, can also be prone to errors. 

Integrated payroll & accounting systems 

With an integrated system, you only need to provide the information once. The systems will then ‘talk’ to each other to automatically exchange the information they need. This is more efficient, saves you time and prevents errors and duplications. 

BrightPay includes API integration with many other systems. If you’ve heard about APIs before, you might have thought it was more of an IT thing than something that can affect your job, but actually, APIs can bring many benefits to your practice or payroll bureau.  

APIs allow BrightPay to interact with other software solutions – in this case, accounting software, to send the payroll journal directly to the accounting software without the need to manually export this information from the payroll software and import it into the accounting software.  

At the moment, BrightPay includes accounting software integration with AccountsIQ, FreeAgent, Kashflow, Quickbooks, Sage One, Twinfield and Xero.

With these integrations in place, BrightPay produces payroll journals in file formats that are unique to these software solutions, allowing users to easily send their payroll figures into their general ledger at the click of a button. 

Other APIs in BrightPay

Integration with accounting software is not the only direct API integration available in BrightPay. The software also includes this API integration with various pension providers for sending auto-enrolment contribution files to the pension provider, including NEST, The People’s Pension, Smart Pension and Aviva. 

Similar to the accounts integration, this means that you can send the file to the relevant pension provider at the click of a button without the need to save the file and manually upload it to the pension system. 

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