Practice Ignition launch new client billing schedule

24th Jun 2020
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We're really pleased to announce updates to the client view in Practice Ignition, giving you better visibility into what's happening in your client relationships.

These improvements allow you to see all future client billings, invoices and payments in one place - regardless of how many different proposals they come from. 

Client-centric billings and cash flow

The new client billing schedule will allow you to store all client billings for every one of their proposals in one place. If you need to find out how much they will be billed on a specific date, no problem. Simply navigate to the billing date to see which items will be billed.

Equally, to see a client billing history, visit the Invoices & Payments view where you can see all invoices and payments for each client, regardless of how many proposals they're split across.

Never miss manual billing dates again

For 'on completion' services or estimates, the Manual Billing section within the Billing Schedule is where you can finalise pricing and issue the invoices, including the option to schedule invoices for a future date. For example, if you've completed the work but need to hold back your invoice, you can confirm the invoice amount and click schedule for later. Or maybe your clients prefer to receive their invoices on a particular day of the month, you no longer have to remember to click send on that date, meaning you can schedule in advance and we'll handle the rest.

For the hourly billing users, you now have the ability to set fractional quantity for prices (e.g. 1.25 hours). This is great for those services where you might not be able to use your normal fixed fees. 

Practice Ignition helps you to become more client-centric

These recent improvements are just the tip of the iceberg. We'll keep building on this visibility and provide you with client-centred insights to help you manage your client relationships better. As always, our focus is to help you do business with your clients.

Start a trial of Practice Ignition here and see the new client billing schedule in action

For customers, you can expect to see the Client Billing Schedule in your app in the next few weeks. You'll be notified by email once it's there