Practice refurbishment: Easing the cost of a fresh, new look

5th Jun 2019
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Whether it’s expanding your practice or a much-needed improvement on your reception area, the upfront cost of a practice refurbishment can be inhibitive.

That’s where a practice refurbishment loan can help take the edge off. A loan not only makes the refurb process financially easier but administratively simpler as well. Instead of funnelling money to multiple different suppliers, it leaves you with one single, consolidated loan repayment.

This sort of finance might be hard to come by from a High Street lender, however. Many banks are still overly cautious in their lending and lack an in-depth understanding of the accounting sector.

A specialist lender might be a better choice. Wesleyan Bank has an intimate knowledge of the accounting profession and we’ve helped countless practices achieve with flexible and bespoke financial arrangements.

With terms of up to five years, Wesleyan Bank’s practice refurbishment solutions can give you the means to achieve the practice of your dreams.

The loan also covers a wide array of improvements, not necessarily for strictly commercial reasons. Sprucing up your office with a fresh look and feel can boost team morale, and in a tight job market where retaining talent is key, an investment in your working environment gives a clear indication that you value your staff and your business.

Or perhaps you’d like some additional space for your practice to grow into. An office refurbishment allows you to make the most out of existing workspace without the costly expense of finding new premises.

Whatever your motivation, funding through an unsecured loan facility can help practices spread the cost of refurbishments in a convenient and affordable way without impacting your cash flow. Talk to Wesleyan Bank today about your refurbishment plans and find out how we can help you get going.

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