Practice Software Offers 40% Time Savings Over Spreadsheets

Brought to you by Keytime

It is estimated that up to 20% of small practices still used spreadsheets to deal with compliance work such as final accounts, tax returns etc.

Keytime reveals that a significant number of its new wave of users have given up spreadsheets to cut their work time by around 40%.

One of the latest to kick the spreadsheet habit in favour of using Keytime Tax, Corporation Tax and Accounts Production software is DTT Consultancy.

“I decided it was time to increase efficiency,” says Tunji Ogedebenge, an accountant from Nigeria who set up the practice three years ago.

“And the end result is that I have cut my workload by 40% - so I’m more than happy in that I am saving lots of money. I can’t exactly quantify how much, but the savings are substantial even after buying the Keytime products.”

Before he opted for Keytime, Tunji Ogedebenge reviewed the full range of products on the market. “However the better known ones were simply far too expensive, whereas Keytime ticked all the boxes at the right price,” he said.

“What I liked in particular was the level of integration offered by Keytime. “I just wish I had done it before . . .”

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