PracticeWEB Content...why we're having a spring clean

Brought to you by PracticeWEB
There are hundreds of guides, tax tables and articles on your website for you to do with what you please - copy them into your blog, send them out in emails, link to them through your social media, add comments for PR, it is yours.
But we are having a bit of a spring clean. And we need your help.
We want the content supplied with your website to work as hard as it possibly can to reinforce your credentials, strengthen your services, and win new business.
Content is one of the most powerful marketing tools available - share knowledge and information and your clients and prospects will look to you as an authority in that area, making you their first port of call.
Extensive content has always been at the heart of PracticeWEB's websites, but feedback we have received from you is that it is not always used as much as it could be, and it is sometimes tricky to find – in fact some of you are not sure what is and isn't there for you to use.
We want to rectify this, and ensure that you get the most out of what is there by making it easier to find. This will include:
  • Editing and changing the titles of guides and articles to make them as clear as possible
  • Streamlining content to ensure there is not an overwhelming amount of information on certain topic areas, and too little on others
  • Re-categorising the content into topics that are compatible with your core service areas e.g. Payroll, Business strategy, VAT
  • Making it easier to link to relevant content from your service pages.
We have already involved quite a few of you in our planning – we had great fun with a card sort, where we categorised all of the content into potential new topics – see the photo! But we would appreciate more input – if you would like to know more about what we are planning and to be involved as we begin to implement the changes – including beta testing, please get in touch with me through [email protected].
Alternatively, to provide valuable input into the re-categorisation of the content, please fill in our short survey here – it will take just five minutes.