PracticeWeb now integrates with Senta

14th Jul 2020
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Senta Integration

As part of our ongoing mission to make our website platform, Horizon, a vital marketing tool for accounting firms we’ve integrated Senta’s award winning practice management software.

Why this is great news

Knowing how important lead generation is for the practices we work with, and how important customer experience is to prospects, we need to ensure they have the best possible first impression. 

Practice management tools are increasingly important to how accountancy firms are run. Having the prospect’s data sent directly from a firm's website into Senta removes friction in the process and can immediately trigger the practice’s onboarding process and automated workflow.

Not only does this save the practice time but also, more importantly, the prospect receives a prompt response. Which keeps them moving down the funnel towards the point where their business has been won.

PracticeWeb's Horizon platform is amazing...and loads of practices are using Senta for managing their leads, so it made perfect sense to work together on joining the two platforms together.

If you're using Horizon with the Senta integration, enquiries go straight into your CRM and onboarding workflows kick off without any fuss...they're automatically in your pipeline!"

James Kilford, CEO Senta

Why did we integrate with Senta?

We found that clients were having to take submission to their website forms and re-enter them into Senta. That gap between client enquiry and the manual upload to Senta was slowing down the process and duplicating effort.

Some firms were also creating quite detailed forms on Senta and then talking potential clients through them, capturing data as they talked.

We wanted to remove this burden, save our clients time and improve the prospect’s experience when contacting practices.

Adopting a platform approach to our website means we can develop new features and functionality of which all our clients can take advantage. With no additional costs for development or setup passed on to our clients, it makes their life easier, and improves the experience for their prospects. 

How can you use it?

Within our Horizon platform, which is built on WordPress, you can create versatile web forms through our form builder function.

Integrating this with Senta is simple: you create a web form on your site, hop over to your Senta practice management tool and map the fields from the web form to a Senta form, and away you go.

You’ll need to have to hand a Senta API key and the end point URL, all of which is easily found in Senta. We’ve created a very handy guide to walk you through step by step.

This is all part of our ongoing effort to make sure our website platform has an ever-growing suite of features accounting firms need to power their digital marketing and generate enquiries for their business.

If you’re a Senta and PracticeWeb client why not contact us to talk about how you can set this up, alternatively you can go to our help centre and get started today.

If your interested in learning more about this integration and how you can take advantage of it, get in touch.

Editorial: Mike Crook, Managing Director, PracticeWeb