PracticeWEB Views: What our clients can expect in 2013

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A new blog from PracticeWEB's Managing Director, Richard Sergeant

I’m sure that you were all riveted by my Alternative Queen’s Speech this year, and I apologise for the delivery, I will of course dress in pearls and have my hair done especially for next year.

As is customary in January I’d like to highlight some of the major things that we would like to achieve this year in order to help increase your value proposition to clients, prospects and referrers.

Increase the number and breadth of workshops and webinars
There’s nothing better than getting eyeball to eyeball with our clients, and thanks to James Scanlan, Gareth and Chris Arnold we have really focussed on delivering a premium set of specialist training and development sessions. Take a look

Mobile and true responsive design
Mobile websites are increasingly seen as essential as the rise of different untethered devices increases (iPads, iPhones, Android devices)  and our service here will continue to develop. We are also investing significantly in bottom up responsive design, which will increasingly see new sites developed from the outset with the ability to categorise and display content in such a way that is totally determined by the device. (Beware cheap imitations) Take a look 

Enhanced client portal
We’ve been in this space for some time, and now finally some of the bigger software guys are starting to get interested we know that it is something that no firm can afford to ignore (still). Our portal not only now integrates with Invu (with even more features being added), but is also due to increase it’s connectivity with your desktop and become a true productivity app. Tell that to your iPad wielding clients... Take a look

UK Directories
We recently acquired the well established and well respected business behind both and  . Both sites are undergoing a major upgrade, driven by search engine insight and designed to drive quality leads.

New product definitions
We’re passionate about choice and being able to deliver quality User Experience underpinned by great design and insight. We’ll be launching new product definitions around not only the development and redevelopment of your website but also the fundamental service we provide on a monthly basis. Allowing you even greater clarity and choice to maximise the impact of your site and the return on investment you make.

And what else...

  • Further updates to the Landscape platform - do more, more easily, further social media integration, and yep starting on the next version!
  • Begin the process of upgrading IFA Systems clients to Landscape
  • Focus on client satisfaction, and reporting back to you our progress
  • Increasing our account management team
  • More on demand, self service help resource for basic training and queries
  • Enhanced systems to acknowledge and keep you informed of progress with queries
  • Introduction of a new Client Roadmap system to show you where your site is and where is could be heading.

I think that’ll do for now.

We’re as excited as ever about the year ahead, and look forward to helping you deliver a fantastic and profitable service to your clients.

If you want to discuss any of the above or would like to talk through your site and service then please do get in touch, we’re very much here to help.