PracticeWEB Views: What we've learned from our accountancy industry online engagement benchmarking report

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Our team has spent the last few months gathering information for the accountancy profession online engagement benchmarking report. Here, we’re giving you a sneak preview into what we’ve learned about how accountants are using the Internet to improve to promote their firms and engage with their client base.

The headlines!

  • You can make your website pay for itself 51% of respondents have gained return on the investment in their website.
  • 92% of the firms that get ROI use web analytics to review data and if you make changes based on that data, 78% saw an improvement in the performance of the website
  • 3 is the magic number 3% is the average % of turnover allocated to marketing
  • Oh ok, 3 is definitely the magic number. Most people think that they need to redesign their website every 3 years ... But in reality, most respondents had redesigned in the last two years.
  • Websites at the heart of matter.  The words respondents use to describe their website  are central, hub, integral, primary, presence
  • Social Media is important to accountants. 83% currently use it with 97% of those people using Linkedin, taking in average 9 months of use to gain a return. On average spending 6 hours a week
  • Content marketing is the way forward. What is interesting here is not the 62% who already use content marketing  - such as newsletters or blogs - for client engagement, but the further 25% who plan to start using it over the next 12 months
  • You are a careful bunch. 76% of firms using online systems have a disaster recovery plan in place.

We’ll be releasing more insight over the next few weeks but if you’d like to pre order your copy, click here.