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Predict your practice profitability with our 10-minute forecasting tool

6th Dec 2021
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How has your practice been affected by the disruption of the past two years? More importantly, how will your practice profitability be affected by continuing disruption in the coming year?

You don't need a crystal ball...

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Bob Edwards and the team at LandmarkPD have created a 10-minute forecasting tool that you can use to predict your results for the next year.

Most practitioners have their current financials memorised and many will have budgets projected for at least the coming financial year.

Where LandmarkPD's forecasting tool can step in, is to provide you with an easy to use what-if tool where you can play with the basic variables and see how the changes affect your bottom line.

The website tool is secure. LandmarkPD guarantees that any data you enter will not be stored or otherwise copied. and there is a facility to print a copy of your forecast if you would like to discuss the numbers with colleagues.

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Information is a powerful tool

Being informed allows you to make informed choices. Our calculator will not only allow you to make multiple what-if changes, it will also direct you to the areas where changes can have a remarkable effect on profits.

For example, the variable that can have the most dramatic effect on profitability is footfall: increasing the number of times clients buy from your mix of practice services each year. You have invested in acquiring the clients, and so cross-selling other services to existing clients is a low-cost, but high return, marketing exercise.

And as you would expect, LandmarkPD have a range of services that provide the resources and strategy to achieve this.

Bonus offering

Users of the calculator can also download a complimentary Practice Roadmap Report, written by Bob Edwards, this sets out how to protect and enhance your service delivery in 2022.

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