Prepare your clients and practice for the challenges ahead

12th Nov 2020
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In a year like no other, businesses and their advisers have had to cope with incidents and uncertainties they have not experienced before. Now more than ever it’s crucial that practitioners understand their clients’ needs, adjust their processes and introduce new ways to support them where they need it the most.


Remaining by your clients’ side and being ready to step in with timely advice as circumstances change is a challenge all advisors are facing. Join our expert panel to help you build bespoke plans based on your clients’ needs with tips and guidance from those already at the coalface offering similar support to clients. 

What else will you learn?

  • The kinds of support businesses are looking for from their accountant
  • Keeping tabs on clients’ viability and responding with proactive help
  • How to automate tasks to free up time for client advice
  • How to plan ahead for peak workloads like job support schemes and tax season
  • What systems are needed to put in place to manage these peaks
  • How standardisation and automation can reduce time and friction in your firm.


Host: John Stokdyk, Editor in Chief, AccountingWEB
Alastair Barlow, Founder, flinder

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