Quick Digital Wins for Mid-Market Finance Teams

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As staying on top of compliance and data has become more intensive in recent years, technology has lent a hand, providing a way to develop more efficient ways of working and scaling, without necessarily just increasing headcount.

Very large corporate organisations benefit from being able to invest large sums into how they can drive efficiencies through technology. Often involving complex projects and significant cost, these private drives to embed technology right across the organisation are often described as transformative, and link disparate systems and processes with complex digital links and technical infrastructure.

Smaller organisations have also benefited from linking together different processes, not least through the availability of cloud based systems that talk together efficiently through APIs (the keys which one programme can link and share data with another). A very small organisation these days, with only a few employees, can harness sales transactions, payments, customer relationship management, fulfilment, and stock control in a near seamless way without an expensive implementation process.

However, can the same be said for those that sit between the two?

Some businesses have a degree of complexity that could benefit from the efficiencies of a digital transformation, but are often constrained by doing so: cost, the availability of technology, and the time required are seen as significant barriers.

For these mid-market and complex businesses, changing processes and technology can be a challenge.

Quick digital wins guide by AccountsIQThis guide takes you through three quick wins from real-life stories that your finance team can implement now to drive efficiency. 

Chapters include:

  • Mid-market life isn’t digitally easy    
  • Why digital transformation is so unappealing    
  • The “quick digital win”    
  • Celebrated by all    
  • Examples of quick digital wins in finance     
  • The small, logical steps towards digital transformation    
  • French Duncan - Quick digital wins for hotel chain clients    
  • The future is open

Discover quick wins around:

  • Invoice OCR and approval
  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Expense capture

Plus a 7-step process map to transforming your finance function.

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