Quick guide to hiring an apprentice

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Your business is going well, so you’ve started to think about hiring an apprentice, but you might have questions. For instance, is it really the best time? And how do you find the best apprentice? We’ve got answers for you.

When to hire an apprentice

Are you too busy to keep up with all the work? Consider whether you are starting to turn down projects or potential clients because you simply don’t have the time. You might be happy with the amount of work you are able to take on at the moment, but if you would like to be able to take on more business, consider hiring an apprentice.

Are you receiving more complaints than usual? If so, think whether you are taking on more business than you can manage. The extra help provided by an apprentice can free time you can dedicate to your clients and help you offer a better service.

The benefits of hiring an apprentice

Still unsure? Here are other benefits to hiring an apprentice:

  • They bring a fresh perspective: An apprentice may not yet have the experience of a skilled worker but they can bring other skills. For example, young people are often very adept at using new technology and social media. Their skills could help you improve your admin procedures, your customer service or marketing efforts.
  • They can become part of a loyal workforce: Enthusiastic apprentices work hard to climb the career ladder and usually remain loyal to the first firms that gave them their first professional opportunities. Training an apprentice and helping them develop the skills they need can help you gain a loyal workforce that can be useful for the future of your firm.
  • They pay for themselves: At the beginning you will need to invest time and money. However, once your trainees have grown their skills they will pay for themselves by helping you and freeing up the time you need to bring in the additional work you need to grow your firm. It is also worth noting that if you decide to take on an apprentice, you are likely to be eligible for government funding to help you meet the hiring costs.

How to find the best apprentice

You are sure you would like to hire an apprentice, but how can you find the right person? As a first step, make sure you set clear expectations of what you are looking for, and have a clear understanding of what they are looking for too.

  • Take your time: Choosing the first semi-decent person that comes along might save you time now but you might end up regretting it. Take the time to consider the skills and talents that your apprentice will need to help your firm.
  • Commit to helping them grow: Good and hard-working apprentices want to know they are working towards something bigger. Talented people need challenge and want to know you can help them grow and develop.
  • Sell yourself: To attract the best talent, you have to sell yourself too. What can you offer an apprentice? Are you a pioneer in your industry? Can you offer flexible working patterns or a relaxed company culture? Is your business socially responsible? Show candidates exactly what they have to gain by joining your team.

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