QuickBooks users - Control Purchasing with Zahara

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Zahara is perfect for controlling indirect costs.

For a multi-site organisation or those running numerous projects at the same time such as hospitality, leisure groups, care home groups, schools, restaurant chains, construction and electrical contractors.

We think we have a great solution that's difficult to better in terms of functionality and depth of understanding of the buying process. As a QuickBooks Online user, you will find Zahara easy to use and the setup process is drama free, and easy to sync with QuickBooks.

As a QuickBooks Online user you can add automation and control to your buying. Your teams can raise purchase requests that once approved convert to Purchase Orders and get sent onto suppliers. You can receipt the delivery, record the invoice easily and match against the order. Any exceptions can also be sent out for approval. Then the supplier's invoice can be pushed over to QuickBooks Online automatically where you can pay it in the usual way.

Every step of the way there are controls and thought to make the buying process more secure with increased visibility.

Take a look at how Zahara adds purchasing to QuickBooks.