Rainbow Nightfreight adopts Albany ePAY for the Direct Debit collection

Rainbow Nightfreight, provider of network freight, logistics and supply chain solutions, has gone live with Albany ePAY from the pioneering developer of electronic payment solutions, Albany Software. The implementation of Albany ePAY will enable Rainbow Nightfreight to accept Direct Debit payments from its customers, allowing the organisation to process payments totalling in excess of £250,000 a month.

Rainbow Nightfreight has built up a reputation of being able to supply an efficient and reliable service to its customer base since it began in 1921. The main reason for moving to Albany ePAY – an intelligent electronic payments and collections solution that has the capability to integrate with any existing accounting or payroll application – was to offer its customers the option of paying via Direct Debit to make the payments process quicker, easier and simpler for both parties.

Rob Smith, Finance Manager at Rainbow Nightfreight, explains, “The main driver to move to Albany ePAY was based on high customer demand wanting to pay by Direct Debit.”

Smith expands, “With the increase in popularity of online shopping portals such as eBay, we are finding that more of our customers are consumers. The more that trend continues, the more flexible and numerous payment options we need to have available.”

Rainbow Nightfreight previously spent around two days per month processing difficult accounts. By using Albany ePAY, funds will now be managed via the Direct Debit module. The organisation also hopes that by promoting Direct Debit payments as the preferred payment method, they will see a reduction in the current 50% sway towards cheque payments, helping to keep them in line with larger rival companies and ahead of smaller competitors.

Rainbow Nightfreight has been a loyal customer of Albany for over 15 years, with Smith stating, “We have stayed with Albany because of the good service which we have always had with them.”

He expands, “In this particular instance with Albany ePAY, getting approval from the bank to accept Direct Debit payments has been a complex process. Albany has been fully supportive of us throughout the process and has removed a lot of the pain for us as part of the upgrade and implementation.”

Additional benefits of Albany ePAY are that it is Windows 7 compatible and supports concurrent usage, meaning that Rainbow Nightfreight can run the software on a network for use by several operators. Albany ePAY has undergone rigorous development and testing and Rainbow Nightfreight first began using the software on the 15th August 2011.

Smith concludes, “Albany Software has delivered exactly what we required. This is a company that is great to work with and who we will be definitely recommending to others in the future.”