R&D Tax Credits made simple and affordable

5th Jul 2019
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Before the launch of Tax Cloud obtaining specialist help to make an R&D tax credits claim was prohibitively expensive for micro and small SMEs.  Many R&D tax consultancy practices charge 25% to 30% of the company’s corporations tax saving and typically only assist businesses with 50+ employees.

SMEs missing out on R&D tax credits

Smaller companies were either unable to gain necessary expert assistance or would have to pay exuberant high rates, which would eat into the majority of the corporation tax savings.

Tax Cloud, the UK’s first, expert guided and supported online R&D tax credits portal was launched in October 2017. This R&D tax claim portal has completely disrupted the traditional face-to-face consultancy approach.  It allows micro and small businesses to access industry leading R&D tax specialists at a fraction of the cost.

Since its launch Tax Cloud has helped hundreds of companies successfully claim R&D tax relief.   The majority of Tax Cloud’s clients have benefited from between £20,000 - £50,000 of relief back from HMRC as a cash payment.  Use our R&D tax credit calculator to find out the potential value of your claim.

Claiming R&D tax credits with Tax Cloud

Unlike other offerings, Tax Cloud is a fully guided, online R&D tax credits claim portal.  Tax Cloud has been specifically designed so R&D tax credit novices can follow our simple step by step process.

Every claim is also assigned a R&D Tax Expert and Technical Consultant who, review and advise at each stage of the process.  They are also on hand to answer any questions and ensure a smooth process, via our online chat facility.  Tax Cloud also deals with the submission of the claim to HMRC at no extra cost.  This is why Tax Cloud has a 100% success rate with zero enquiries or questions raised by HMRC. 

All just for a fee of 3.5% of qualifying expenditure, that is only payable upon a successful claim. Service levels are exemplary as highlighted by Tax Cloud’s 5-star reviews on Google.

Feel free to give us a call to find out if you qualify for R&D tax credits or are currently paying high consultancy fees.