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R&D tax relief training and support

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R&D Tax Relief - New CPD options for 2024

18th Jun 2024
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R&D tax relief training and support

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With all the new developments to R&D tax relief in the past year, including new legislation and changes to HMRC's behaviour, what options are available for advisors to get up to speed?

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Like many accountants, you might be feeling unsettled by all the recent developments in R&D tax relief. HMRC are starting to consider options for better regulation, but in the meantime, their volume-based approach to compliance continues apace and is hitting hard. Many qualified accountants, who have been submitting claims for years, are finding that enquiries are more common and more challenging than they ever have been before.

Some are putting the blame for this back on HMRC and insisting that they are holding companies to an unfair and impossibly high standard. Others are relieved to see HMRC taking enforcement seriously, even if they aren’t getting it right every time. 

Keeping on top of changes to R&D tax relief

No matter how you feel about it, it’s clear we can’t bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best. Clients rely on your advice and knowledge, and they need confidence that they won’t have to repay money to HMRC, or worse, to pay penalties for poorly prepared claims. So, what resources are available to you as a proactive R&D advisor? 

By now you have probably been to at least one CPD update seminar on the changes to the R&D tax relief schemes. You may even have taken our free training on the new Merged R&D Scheme.

If you’re keen to go further and get more in depth, your options before now were pretty limited. We’d often hear that:

  • most third-party training options were too basic or not practical enough 
  • internal training is non-existent, sporadic or difficult to attend
  • some teams are too small to even have a structured approach to training
  • in larger teams, it can be difficult to get detailed feedback or support from more experienced colleagues
  • training budgets and time can be tight, so our membership isn’t always a good fit.

New CPD training for accountants and R&D tax relief advisors

To try and address the growing demand for high-quality, practical and convenient training in R&D tax relief, we’ve made 3 of our R&D tax relief training courses available to all.

Each course is grounded in our extensive knowledge of R&D tax relief and in our recent experience of how HMRC has handled enquiries. We regularly support advisors who are defending enquiries, so we’ve seen dozens of variations of HMRC’s letters and how they are interpreting and applying the guidance in practice. Our courses are tightly aligned with what we’ve learned.

You can now purchase any or all of these training courses for yourself or your team, without signing up to a long-term membership of The R&D Community.

This gives you more flexibility in how you manage training and CPD, and it can be easier to get approval for a one-off training expense, rather than a monthly subscription.

Each of the courses costs £295+VAT for each learner, and you get access for 12 months, including any updates of the material. You’ll get:

  • practical knowledge you can apply to R&D claims right away,
  • clarity on the most important concepts that HMRC expects you to be able to apply,
  • bite-sized video lessons that you can access whenever’s convenient
  • multiple choice assessments to check your learning,
  • 2 verifiable CPD credits for each completed course.

What you could learn

How to complete HMRC’s additional information forms

In this course, we take you through the most important aspects of the form. We will:

  • explain the structure of the form and how to answer HMRC’s questions,
  • give you detailed guidance on what to write in the free-text boxes,
  • provide templates you can use with your clients to gather the necessary information.

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Establishing Eligibility

This course gives you everything you need to be able to explain the R&D scheme’s eligibility requirements to clients. You’ll have:

  • A sound understanding of the key information that HMRC expects to see within a claim
  • A simple, effective methodology for talking to clients about R&D and recording that information in a structured way
  • Downloadable resources that help you prepare your clients and produce clear and robust technical narratives to support a claim.

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Qualifying Leads for R&D Claims

In this course we cover:

  • The basic screening checks that you should ask every prospect,
  • Competent Professionals and the information you need to get from them,
  • Why grants and subcontracting arrangements can affect a claim’s risk level,
  • The 5 different R&D schemes and what companies can expect back from each,
  • Tips on how to reject clients diplomatically.

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Feedback from previous trainees

Plenty of our members have already taken these courses; here’s what they had to say about the training:

"Such useful information delivered in clear concise and manner. This community is such a fantastic resource!” - Susan Cook, Minerva Innovation, Qualifying Leads for R&D Tax Relief

“I would say this course is one of the best in covering the broader aspects of R&D, and aspects could be used to train new staff (in less technical roles) or even be client-facing, for those who want to learn more/want to upskill clients.” - Mitchell Poyzer, Acute Business Advisory, How to complete HMRC's Additional Information Forms

“This course is useful to know the quality of information rather than quantity expected by HMRC.” – Adam Shakespeare, Isis Accountants, How to complete HMRC's Additional Information Forms

“It's useful for learning aspects of R&D Tax in a modular, segmented fashion without requiring an excessive time commitment per studying session.” – Callum McCusker, Streets Accountants, Establishing Eligibility

If you’d like to join them, simply click below to select your training course and get started:

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