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22nd Sep 2020
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Many organisations put up with time-consuming consolidation, ineffective reporting and inaccurate processes. Discover a better way of managing multi-company accounting.

Finance teams battle on feeling the same pain every month end. But there is a better way. Watch a demo of our award-winning financial management platform where we demonstrate how multi-entity, multi-location and multicurrency accounting is simplified with AccountsIQ.

Transform your finance function with smarter cloud accounting: 

  • Get accurate, timely financial information to make informed decisions and real time visibility of group-wide results
  • Automate and streamline processes: workflow approval, automated consolidation and reporting which help improve working processes and enjoyment
  • Expand into new locations and markets with multi-currency, consolidated reporting and multi-currency sales, purchases and bank accounts
  • Gain efficiencies with our Salesforce, OCR and payment integrations and ecosystem partners

Watch the demo here.

About AccountsIQ

AccountsIQ's award-winning cloud accounting software simplifies how finance functions capture, process and report the results of multiple location businesses. 

Built for the cloud, AccountsIQ is ideal for dynamic businesses that are growing locally or internationally, via subsidiaries, acquisition or through a franchising model, enabling anytime-anywhere processing, while allowing easy central control and consolidated reporting of results. Its unique consolidation engine, along with its ability to integrate with other applications, makes it easy to scale.

Today, over 4,000 companies in 85 countries enjoy 24-7 access to top level Financial Management functionality, providing smarter working practices, including integrated approval workflow app, expenses app and API integration with front end systems, while delivering simple and accurate consolidated results and a superior level of business insight.