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25th Jun 2021
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Covid-19 caused many workers, accountants included, to take unanticipated career breaks. Childcare, illness, family concerns – there are lots of reason that people take time away from work and the thought of reentering the workforce can be daunting, especially if the absence has been lengthy. A recent interview with Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO of iRelaunch, provides tips on how you can approach your return to work. Your reentry can be an easier process if you make your job hunt public, focus on the positives of your situation, and educate yourself on current industry news. It’s also important to learn about the latest technology used in the accounting world. This may sound scary if you’ve had a particularly long career gap, but new technology doesn’t have to be complicated. Ordo, a money transfer service, is extremely easy to use and makes requesting and receiving payments simple for you and your clients.

Make connections

Some people feel shy about looking for work after a career gap, so they keep their job search between their computer and themselves. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to stop being timid and start networking. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 85% percent of all jobs are filled as a result of networking. The reason networking works so well is because it taps into a cache of hidden jobs that haven’t been advertised yet. Employers evaluate you, not on a fixed set of criteria in a job advertisement, but on your track record.

After years away from work you may feel removed from your professional identity and this could diminish your confidence when looking for work. Perhaps you see yourself not as a professional accountant, but only in relation to the things you did when you weren’t working. When you start reconnecting with former work colleagues and connections, you’ll be happy to realise that they will likely think of you in terms of your professional identity and be enthusiastic about your return to the industry.

Focus on the positives

Maybe you worry you’re older than most of the people competing for your desired position or that you have less recent experience than some of the other candidates. You might be so worried about the downsides that you’ve forgotten about the qualities that make someone in your situation a good candidate. Some positive traits of workers returning from a long absence may include:

  1. Feeling settled in your life – returning workers may be older than some of the other people looking for jobs, but because of that they have already experienced many of the events that cause job uncertainty for younger people. 
  2. Mature perspective – They can draw on past work and life experience to help boost the cognitive diversity of a team of younger or less experienced people and this helps maximise productivity.
  3. Enthusiasm – Because they have had a break from work, they come back refreshed and with renewed interest in the job.

Get up to date on the industry 

One concern you may have about returning after a long break form work is that your industry has moved on and you are not aware of current trends or technology. As Carol Fishman Cohen recalls, “My background is in finance, and I hardly kept up with any news when I was home caring for my four young children. So, I was afraid I'd go into an interview and start talking about a company that didn't exist anymore.” This is a legitimate concern and one that employers may worry about too. If you decide to reenter the workforce, make sure to read magazines and e-publications or listen to podcasts relevant to the accounting industry. This will give you an updated perspective and stop you making any embarrassing gaffs. It’s important to refresh your knowledge of industry software too. If the last accounting software you worked with was in 2012, then it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the latest versions of Sage, Quickbooks, or Xero before you start your job hunt. 

Additionally, find out about other new innovations that can make accounting work easier. Ordo is an easy-to-use money transfer service that helps you invoice and receive payments from clients. With Ordo, you don’t have to send out invoices by email, only to be left wondering when you’ll be paid. Instead, it lets you securely attach an invoice to your payment request and you’ll know the instant it has been looked at and paid. Ordo is the official payments Open Banking partner with Sage and is available in the Sage marketplace. It is also compatible with Xero and Quickbooks, saving you time on reconciliation. Arrange a demonstration today to find out how Ordo can ease your relaunch into the accounting world.

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