Regain control of your work life balance

18th Sep 2019
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Are you fed up with the long, demanding hours you’re doing, feeling forced to work while you’re on holiday and even when you’re ill?

Tired of huge stacks of client work and endless stress-inducing complex number-crunching that leaves no room for error?

Then it’s time to redress the balance. And that’s what the IRIS Autumn Roadshows are about – restoring the equilibrium between work and home life and helping accountants do more of what they love and less of what they don’t. Join us at the roadshows. 

There will be a series of exercises to help you consider and commit to business and personal goals including: building your strategy, identifying hurdles, learning tactics and agreeing your outcomes.

At IRIS, having worked with and alongside accountants for 40 years, we understand the challenges professionals are facing – increasingly burdensome compliance, greater competition, higher client expectations, the transition from a paper-based to digital practice.

The theme of our September and October events is to help accountants achieve their personal objectives, whether it’s obtaining a better work/life balance, ensuring there is growth in their business, or working towards an earn out. Or a combination of all three.

Through a series of interactive sessions and talks from leading figures from IRIS and the wider industry, we will help you to understand how to have a better, more satisfying work life. By the end of each event, we believe accountants will be armed with key tools to get them on track to a happier working life in accountancy.

We’ve got ten roadshows all over the UK, giving you plenty of choice for where to attend. All you have to do for now is find a venue near you and register for your free place. Find your preferred event and sign up now.