Remote Working Crisis

24th May 2021
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Whether you’re experienced or new to remote working, this past year has been a challenge. Maybe you aren’t getting the level of support you used to receive in the office or you’re stuck using your kitchen table as a desk. Whatever the case, it’s a great idea to examine your remote working setting and figure out ways to support your mental health while you’re working from home. The mental health charity Mind offers a host of ideas to help you analyse your work well-being, stave off burnout, and stay active. Another thing that can help, is making sure you’re using software and apps that simplify your work instead of complicating it. Using Ordo, the secure bank transfer app, helps you request and receive payments with just the click of a button. Ordo is the official payments Open Banking partner with Sage and is available in the Sage marketplace. It’s also compatible with Xero and Quickbooks, making reconciliation a snap.

Make a plan

We all might have a vague sense of what stresses us out and what makes us feel good at work, but writing it down can give us a clearer idea and stop us getting overwhelmed. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do to manage your mental health at work is make a Wellness Action Plan. Making an action plan identifies triggers that negatively impact your mental health, things that boost your well-being, and warning signs of poor mental health. It also helps you come up with a list of support measures that work and family can provide if you find yourself struggling.

Avoid burnout

Burnout was not unheard of before the pandemic, but now with the addition of covid-related challenges burnout is becoming more common, even among those working from home. Mind recommends several ways you can stave off burnout including:

  1. Using your annual leave – Travel ground to a halt during the pandemic and this discouraged many people from using their vacation time. It might not seem appealing to use leave time for a staycation, but it can stop you from getting burned out. Giving yourself time away from work is valuable even if you are still at home.
  2. Prioritise sleep – Everything seems much more difficult when you haven’t had enough sleep. Set up a sleep schedule so you go to bed at a reasonable time and get the number of hours of sleep that you need to feel well rested in the morning.
  3. Stick to your work schedule – When you’re working from home it’s easy to put in extra hours. There is nothing wrong with doing this occasionally, but if working late is becoming the norm this could lead to burnout. 

Stay active

For many of us our commute to work, be it a walk to the station or a cycle to the office, was part of the way we stayed active before the pandemic. Now that we are working from home our level of activity has dropped, causing our mood to drop as well. Mind recommends inserting some sort of exercise into your day to help your mental health.

Scheduling exercises, such as a yoga class or a neighbourhood walk, can have beneficial effects on your mood and help give you a breather from work. In addition to scheduled exercises, avoid sitting at your desk for long periods by setting an alarm to remind yourself to walk around each hour. For those who have difficulty walking, there are exercises and stretches that can be done in a chair. 

Simplify work processes

With Covid and the changing work environment, there are many things that might worry you at the moment, but don’t let your payment system be one of them. Choose a secure bank transfer app that is streamlined, inexpensive, and easy for both you and your clients. Ordo makes requesting and receiving payments simple. Your client doesn’t have to download an app or reveal sensitive bank account information. They only have to click a button on their mobile device to send their payment instantly. Plus, Ordo works with your accounting software, so you can say goodbye to the time-consuming chore of reconciliation. Arrange a demonstration today to find out how Ordo can make your work easier.

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