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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Rolling out BrightPay Connect to your clients

13th Apr 2021
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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If there’s one thing we’ve all learned as businesses during the pandemic, it’s the benefits of using cloud-based systems. With so many employees working from home, it’s been vital to offer employees a way to access their data online – and this is equally true for payroll departments, payroll bureaus and accountancy firms offering payroll services.

The cloud has been a lifeline for some payroll providers, allowing payroll staff to access the data they need on their home laptops. And with BrightPay Connect integrated into your payroll system, you have all the advantages of cloud back-up and cloud portals available to you, your payroll clients and the company’s employees.

Let’s take a look at what BrightPay Connect does and how you can use this cloud portal to add even more value and great service for your payroll clients and their employees.

The key benefits of using Bright Connect

BrightPay Connect is an add-on to BrightPay on your PC or Mac that introduces powerful new cloud-based features to your payroll set-up. It’s your cloud portal for storing payroll data, sharing client payroll information, and providing an online employee self-service hub.

Key features include:

  • Cloud back-up of your payroll data – backing up your payroll information to an office-based server or back-up device can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It’s obviously good practice to have a back-up of all your client payroll data, but wouldn’t it be great if this was done automatically? With BrightPay Connect, your BrightPay payroll data is synced to the Connect module in the cloud, giving you a safe and secure way to access and protect your sensitive client data and information. 
  • Cloud-based employer dashboards for clients – sharing payroll information and reports with clients using traditional methods means emailing files back and forth. This can be a fiddly process and doesn’t always provide clients with the most up-to-date information. With BrightPay Connect, you give each client access to their own Employer Dashboard. By accessing this dashboard in the cloud, clients can see their employee data, view payroll reports and even see the schedule of HMRC payments. Clients can also send you the payroll information for the pay period and approve the payroll run through their secure portal, eliminating the risk associated with emailing sensitive data.
  • Cloud portal for employees to access – Printing off monthly payslips or annual P60 reports can be a lengthy task for any payroll team. Once you’re connected up to BrightPay Connect, your client’s employees have full access to online versions of their payslips and tax and payroll documents. This Employee Self-Service hub gives all employees the ability to access their personal information quickly and safely in the cloud. They can download payslips, print them out and even view and book holiday days within the payroll’s holiday system. It’s a feature that both employers and employees love and a great way to add value for clients while also reducing your admin workload.

Explaining these incredible benefits to clients

Cloud technology has risen in popularity in recent times. But there are still some business owners who are wary of new technology and have their own preferred ways of working. Rolling out BrightPay Connect to your client base means more than just adding the software – there’s also an education and communication piece to think about.

Any change in working practices has to be explained clearly to your clients, and you need to have some very clear reasons for why BrightPay Connect is being rolled out.

  1. Mention the upgrade in your next client communication – send out a client email, or include a section in your next newsletter, and explain the benefits of BrightPay Connect and cloud access. Use straightforward content and messaging and show clients how much easier it will be to run payroll, monitor their employee information and provide online payroll access to their employees.
  2. Produce how-to guides to outline the processes – decide how you want clients to access and use the Employer Dashboard and Employee Self-Service Portal. Then write out the step-by-step processes clients will need to follow when logging into and using Bright Connect. Keep the content simple, straightforward and use plain English to ensure your messaging is consistent. Make it easy for clients to get up and running.
  3. Offer hands-on or video-based training – set aside time for team members to offer training to clients that are new to BrightPay Connect. Helping clients to run-through the processes and get acquainted with the dashboards will make them more comfortable with the new software. It should also mean fewer questions once you set the client up and they have access to the full feature set of Connect. 
  4. Roll out the software with tech-savvy clients first – there’s no point focusing your efforts on the least tech-aware clients first. Work with the business owners who understand cloud technology and use them as your initial test cases. Once you have your tech-savvy clients onboard with BrightPay Connect, it will be far easier to convince the more laggard clients of the main benefits and ease of use.
  5. Create case studies with satisfied new users of BrightPay Connect – once you have several clients up and running with the cloud features, think about creating a couple of case studies for your website or your next newsletter. Talk to these clients about how difficult the payroll process was prior to BrightPay Connect and how much simpler, easier and more efficient the process is now. 

Business owners listen to other business owners, so a positive case study will be a powerful tool for convincing any doubters.

See the difference that BrightPay Connect can make

If you’re fed up with data back-ups, emailing reports and dealing with payslip requests, we suggest checking out BrightPay Connect now. See the difference that a cloud portal makes to your working practices and the extra value it brings to clients and their employees.

Book a demo of BrightPay Connect and see the future of payroll