Running a cloud-based accounting practice with Bokio

30th Apr 2020
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When moving to Sweden in 2011, Daniel Early left the security of full-time employment at a UK accountancy practice to start the next chapter in his career. Starting a cloud-based practice, Numbercloud, enabled him to service his clients from any location. We spoke to Daniel about the realities of running a cloud-based practice, and how Bokio helped make this dream a reality.

Why are remote or cloud practices the way to go?

Being a cloud-based practice allows you to develop systems to be efficient and responsive. There is also a requirement to stay up-to-date with developing technologies, and that in turn can give you an edge over traditional practices that can be late to adopt. As more businesses take on cloud services as part of their internal systems, using a cloud-based accountant will be a further extension to that range of products.

 Daniel Early, Numbercloud

How were you able to maintain relationships with your clients?

Communication is key for any accountant, but even more so without being local to your client; you must make yourself available as much as possible through any channel that works for them. So, accounting software was part of a bigger communication tool set to keep in touch with clients.

What type of clients have you used Bokio for?

Being a practice that is flexible in our approach we often look for the best solution for the clients’ needs. Not all clients need the package other paid-for products provide. We transferred clients across from multiple platforms to Bokio with great success. We now include Bokio in our assessment of products for new clients when they join the practice. 

The client base using Bokio is mixed, from retail to film production companies. With bank feeds, easy multiple currency invoicing and digital record keeping it can suit a wide range of businesses. With the addition of PayPal bank feed integration it makes a great tool for independent online traders. 

Bokio is a free, easy to use and well-designed cloud accounting platform that meets compliance requirements for a range of UK businesses. 

How have your clients reacted to Bokio? 

They say “Bokio is fresher and easy to use”. The importance of design and UI is not lost on clients and having a simple process-driven software is a big positive. 

How has Bokio helped you?

Bokio has provided a solution for a number of clients who are put off by the high monthly fees of other platforms. The software allows clients to meet compliance requirements, such as MTD, on a free subscription with no complications or advert bombardment. Bokio provides the tools you would expect of subscription based services, like bank feeds, and gives a simple and intuitive experience to the end user.  

How does Bokio compare to its competitors? 

Bokio is a standout product for the free subscription model. The usual assumption for a free service is to compromise. This would usually be at the expense of design and features, but Bokio excels at both of these.

About Bokio

Bokio accounting software offers bookkeeping, invoicing and expenses management. It’s a great solution for collaborating with smaller clients, like small businesses, sole traders and freelancers. Bokio helps you save time so you can focus on offering high value advisory services to your clients.