Running a paperless practice

19th Oct 2020
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Running a paperless accounting practice by moving your workflows online can have some great benefits for your business.

Save time

Scanning items, sorting through documents and organising receipts can take up a surprising amount of time you might not notice day-to-day. By switching to digital solutions, like using accounting software, online document services and email, you can streamline your processes.

Although initially some time will be spent transferring documents to digital and getting to know your new systems, the long term benefits are great. Lots of the tasks you spend time doing manually can be automated, especially day-to-day bookkeeping if you choose an online accounting software. So, you can focus on other parts of your job instead!

Greater security

Using paper isn’t the most secure way to handle sensitive information. Instead, using cloud based online software with encryption can help keep your documents secure. It’s important that companies follow GDPR and keep all data as safe as possible. 

There’s also a risk of losing or misplacing paper documents. Instead, cloud software with automatic backups mean you won’t need to worry about losing important information if something goes wrong.

Lower costs

Scanners, printing and storing documents all have costs which add up over time. Instead, you can free up cash and storage space by going paperless. There are lots of free online solutions available, including accounting software.

Everything in one place

When you go paperless, everything you need is in one place – on your computer! If you choose cloud based programs, you’ll be able to access your information from anywhere on any device. 

You can make your work even more efficient by reducing the need to switch between software by choosing all-in-one solutions for some tasks.

Less waste

Switching to paperless solutions reduces waste and clutter in your office. You can keep a clear desk, and not have to worry about disposing of sensitive documents.

About Bokio accounting software

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