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Sage for Accountants in 2024: The 11 Latest Features to Enhance Your Workflows

2nd Feb 2024
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Welcome to the latest update for Sage for Accountants!

As we step into January 2024 and embrace the potential of a brand new year, let’s explore the 11 latest features in Sage for Accountants designed to enhance your practice. 

These updates aim to enhance your workflows, boost efficiency, and integrate smarter solutions into your practice, covering areas from payroll and client management to data integration and reporting. Let’s dive in.

  1.  ‘Assign Clients to Users’ Feature

Enhance your client management with the ‘Assign Clients to Users’ feature. This tool allows users with appropriate permissions to share access to client and prospect data, balancing workload distribution while safeguarding sensitive information. 

The integration of the personal tax account viewer replaces HMRC’s phone-based data provision, offering safe and secure access to client information for self-assessment tax returns.

Key features include practice authentication, comprehensive client management, streamlined agent authorisation and a single access point for HMRC”s personal accounts data, including income and employment history. 

  1. Client Advisory with Futrli by Sage

Futrli by Sage brings two new exciting features: 

  • Workspace Templates for efficient report distribution 
  • Forecasting Enhancements for optimised cash flow management

Workspace Templates allow you to create and share branded report templates, streamlining your workflow and improving your brand consistency. All users, excluding guests, will have access to use published templates in your workspace.

The Forecasting Enhancements offer dynamic insights into accruals and cash flow, with a three-year forecast ability, facilitating data-driven decision-making for accountants and SMEs. Plus, the platform seamlessly syncs with client ledgers to save any manual data transfers.

  1. Sage Payroll & HR essentials

Your Sage payroll subscription now includes complimentary access to Sage HR Essentials. This integration offers a unified platform for HR and payroll, effectively reducing errors and saving time by eliminating duplicated employee information.

Key features include:

  • Secure document storage, including right to work and emergency contacts
  • Enhanced HR features with records created in Sage HR seamlessly flowing into Sage Payroll
  • Employee self-service for leave requests 
  • Online access to payslips and p60s, including historical records anytime, anywhere, through the online portal or through the Sage HR mobile app
  1. Automatic FPS Adjustments Feature in Sage Payroll

The introduction of the Automatic FPS Adjustments feature in Sage Payroll represents a major leap in payroll management efficiency. This feature allows for easy corrections in completed payroll runs and automatically informs HMRC about the changes. 

By simply selecting a completed payroll run, making the necessary amendments, and choosing whether to reflect these differences in the next pay run, users can ensure their payroll records are always accurate and up-to-date. 

  1. Bank Feeds Unmatched Report

The addition of the Bank Feeds Unmatched Report helps in efficiently handling uncleared bank transactions. This feature simplifies the often tedious process of reconciling bank feeds with accounting records. 

With the ability to export a list of unmatched transactions in a user-friendly .csv format, accountants and bookkeepers can now more efficiently clarify transaction details, ledger accounts, or invoice allocations with their clients. This enhancement not only saves time but also increases the accuracy of financial records, ensuring a smoother reconciliation process.

  1. Enhanced Invoice Management

Sage’s Enhanced Invoice Management marks a step forward in simplifying invoice creation and customisation. 

Users can now use an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to easily insert and rearrange lines on invoices, offering greater flexibility and presenting a polished, professional image to clients.

  1.  Smooth Data Transfer in an Importable Format

Sage Accounting’s new data transfer feature significantly eases the process of exporting and re-importing critical business data in an importable format. 

This enhancement is particularly useful for large-scale adjustments, like price changes for products and services. Users can now effortlessly export items such as customers, suppliers, products, and services, make necessary adjustments, and seamlessly re-import them into Sage. 

  1. Transfer Subscriptions

The new Transfer Subscriptions feature provides a secure, streamlined method for transferring subscription ownership between Sage practices or directly to clients. This feature simplifies client management and ensures a smooth transition of client subscriptions and data for bookkeeping and payroll. 

That’s one less thing off your to-do list!

  1.  Improved Final Accounts Import Process

Based on your feedback, the import process for Final Accounts has been refined for greater detail and clarity. Rather than aggregate normal lines into a single journal, we are now keeping them separate. This way, you can see the trial balance clearly, making it easier to review and understand where your financial data is coming from. 

This enhances data accuracy, minimises human error and offers an automated streamlined import experience for final accounts.

  1. Introducing the ‘Sage Assistant’ feature, available across Individual and Individual Free Plans.

Sage Assistant, now available in Sage Accounting Individual plans, reduces client dependency by guiding them to relevant help centre content. For paid users, it facilitates a seamless handover to a live agent, promoting efficiency and operational independence.

  1.  Sage Personal Tax Viewer

The integration of Sage Personal Tax Viewer in client management offers a convenient way to access clients’ personal tax information directly from HMRC. 

This tool is available for all users, regardless of the software they use. Easily launch the personal tax viewer directly from the client list or through the newly added tab within the client record to get started.


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