Sage Releases HMRC API Solution

Brought to you by Sage Accountants

To compensate for HMRC’s decision to remove telephone-based services for accountants seeking to reconcile client data, software providers that form part of the HMRC API beta programme allow access to this data through their tax return software only. Sage’s new Personal Tax Account Viewer is the first to be available to anyone, regardless of which software they use to manage client tax returns.

At Sage, we believe in providing the best possible support to accountants. So, we‘ve taken a different approach to helping accountants connect their client’s tax returns with HMRC data during the busy self-assessment window. The only information an accountant needs to take advantage of this solution and ease their admin burden are;

  • Sage One Partner Edition login (free to access)
  • HMRC Digital Tax Account
  • Form 64-8 authorisation from your client – HMRC tax data cannot be accessed until this form is processed

How it works

Accountants login via a web link using their Government Gateway. This process includes two-step authentication, controlled by HMRC, for enhanced security. You are then able to review the data HMRC holds on individuals – employees/clients of the businesses you are doing the tax returns for. The data that can be reviewed includes;

  • Individual Benefits
  • Individual Employments
  • Individual Income
  • Individual Tax
  • Lifetime ISA
  • National Insurance
  • Marriage allowance eligibility and status

Sage does not have access to, or store the HMRC Government Gateway details. Connection between the Sage Personal Tax Viewer and HMRC is retained for 18 months, and users can disconnect and reconnect at any time.

Any accountant with HMRC credentials can utilise the Sage Personal Tax Viewer to view details of the clients where HMRC have processed a 64-8 form for the client and agent. There is no requirement for the client to be setup with our Sage Taxation solutions.

Accountants aren’t able to make changes to HMRC records through the Sage Personal Tax Viewer, only access the information held. Other Sage solutions, such as Sage Personal Tax and Sage Payroll provide the ability to update HMRC data.

Find out more about our new Personal Tax Account Viewer. And you can access a step-by-step demonstration of the Sage Personal Tax Viewer in the below PDF. 

PDF iconsage_personal_tax_viewer_-_step-by-step_guide.pdf