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Our accounting experts want to help finance functions improve the way they consolidate accounts. With the huge time savings, you’ll be able to invest more time USING the insight to make smarter decisions, instead of spending all your time PRODUCING the data.

Find out if you can save yourself a week a month with a

AccountsIQ Consolidation Time Saver ReviewFREE Consolidation Time Saver Review.

The review takes the form of a 30 minute consultation where we'll ask:

  • How you’re currently consolidating your results
  • How you’re currently approving your consolidation
  • How much time you spend posting inter-company transactions and reconciling inter-company accounts
  • How many iterations of your consolidated management reporting pack are required.

Our experts will tell you where you could save time, so you can improve the ease with which you can extract useful information AND speed up your reporting at month end.

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AccountsIQ software, which was developed and engineered for the Cloud, makes consolidation effortless. 

“The most consistent feedback we get from our client base is that AccountsIQ is saving a full week each month of senior finance managers’ time to get the consolidated group accounts done. Now they are able to do their consolidation in minutes…” Darren Cran, UK MD, AccountsIQ

When up and running on the software, which can take as little as one week to set up, consolidated accounts can be done in minutes, releasing senior management time to focus on other more strategic tasks.

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