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Say goodbye to manual payroll entry

8th Jan 2019
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You can now send payroll entry and payroll approval requests to your clients, helping you save hours of your time every month.

We are sure you don’t enjoy that endless back and forth email exchange between you and your clients to request information about the time records for their payrolls.

And not just that! What about the mistakes that inevitably happen every month, forcing you to make corrections all the time, even after you have sent the finalised payroll to them for approval?

No matter what, there are always adjustments to make as, of course, the client has forgotten to mention that employee who just came back from maternity leave or that other employee who was off sick this month.

But what if the client could update the information directly? How easy would your life be if your clients entered all the payroll data themselves and if they could approve the finalised payroll without the need for you to send multiple emails every month?

Good news: BrightPay is making things easier by allowing you to securely send payroll entry requests and payroll approval requests to your clients.

Payroll entry and approval requests

Through their dashboard, employers can easily enter their own employee hours, saving you hours of work.

To allow your clients to enter the information by themselves, you only need to send them a payroll entry request at the beginning of each payroll cycle.


Adding new employees is simple too. If there are new additions to the team, employers can add them through the payroll entry feature by entering details such as their name, address, date of birth, NI number, Tax Code, start date and their starter declaration.

All the information entered by the client will automatically flow through to the bureau’s portal, where you can review it and click a button to synchronise the information with the client file on the payroll software.

Then, it’s just a matter of preparing the payroll summary and sending an approval request to the client, who will be will be accountable for ensuring the payroll information is 100% correct before it is finalised.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Approval request

Increased accuracy and security

The process allows payroll clients to view and check the payroll summary before the payroll is actually finalised. As the payroll data checks and approval are conducted by the payroll client themselves, this will result in increased accuracy and fewer edits after the payroll has been finalised.

The portal reduces the number of emails that you and your clients need to exchange with personal information in it, which increases the level of security and protection for your clients’ payroll information. Also, users need a username and password to have access to the dashboard, making it GDPR compliant.

Save hours of administrative time with BrightPay Connect. Book a Demo.