Self-Assessment season survival checklist!

22nd Nov 2019
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At this time of year most ordinary folk are winding down, wrapping gifts, putting up the tinsel and singing out of tune Christmas songs. However, for industrious, diligent accountants across the UK, the festivities also signal the start of the busiest time of the year: self-assessment season.

Here’s our checklist for surviving self-assessment season:

  1. Do you have sufficient manpower, adequately trained, to schedule all the anticipated work? Make sure that you have a way to monitor this throughout the period as some jobs may be completed faster or slower than anticipated.
  2. Keep an eye on your team to ensure that they are in good health and taking proper breaks.
  3. Take time to praise and thank your team. Be genuine and avoid gushy, artificial, or meaningless praise.
  4. Make sure that you know, in advance, who will need time off for personal things during the busy season. Remember to take time to look at the photos of their little Angel or Octopus or whatever in that school play.
  5. Ensure that all your accounts checklists and procedures are up-to-date to help temps or tired folk.
  6. Establish your procedure for chasing client books and who will be responsible for contacting the client and checking what is received.
  7. Have a good system in place to ensure that you know where you are with every client/job at any time.
  8. Update your software licences in plenty of time and ensure that you have enough for the whole team.
  9. Plan your work in the most efficient manner and allocate to your team.
  10. Invoice every job straight away!

Want our top ten tips for surviving self-assessment season? Download our guide and we’ll give you some essential tips and tricks to keep the stress to a minimum, get the returns done quickly... and maybe even have a little time left over for a glass of mulled wine or two (!)

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