Self-service: What we can learn from supermarket queues

13th Nov 2019
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Consider the checkout queue at a supermarket. If you only have a few items, it’s faster and simpler to go to self-service. But if you have more complex needs - say, a trolley-full of shopping or you need a pack of smokes perhaps - that’s when you need human service.

All throughout our daily lives, self-service has become a byword for simple convenience and speed. When the task required is simple and we know what we need, sometimes it’s simply better to just DIY.

Payroll bureaus can offer this same convenience to clients. As we discussed in another blog, you can now offer clients their own personal employer dashboard. But BrightPay takes this further, offering employee self-service, too. 

An employee can easily access their own personal payroll information through BrightPay’s employee self-service functionality. Employees can view and retrieve their historic payslips and other payroll documents such as a P60, P45, or P11ds and auto enrolment communications. These documents can be exported to PDF and printed.

Employees will have the option to download their payslips from the employee self-service. These payslips are automatically added to the employees’ self-service portal each pay period, which eliminates the need for the payroll bureau to print or email payslips. It’s not only convenient, but more environmentally friendly. 

There’s an important distinction to be made, however, when we think about self-service. Self-service is a supplement, not a substitute. For bureaus freed from humdrum admin, self-service is an opportunity to offer better, more personalised service.

So while DIY is a must-have functionality, it pales in comparison to the specialism offered by a payroll professional. Instead, it aids focus, allowing you to concentrate on getting the technical details absolutely spot-on. 

We’ve only covered one example of how BrightPay Connect can help you become more efficient. But there’s so much more on offer. Download our free guide today to discover more ways that BrightPay Connect can help you. 

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