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Senta at Xerocon, new Q&A feature and outbox filtering

9th Oct 2019
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Scroll down to view our exciting news about events, new features, links to support articles and more.

This month’s shot features the one and only - Senta support team. Starting from the left: Kaya, Laurence, Stergios and Louise. You can now put a face to a name! 

Senta support team

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the new releases, ideas on how we can improve or if you just want to email us with some feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]


AMC workshop

We are joining Accountants Millionaires’ Club on Tuesday 15th October at the Engine Shed in Bristol.

We will be discussing how to use technology and processes to improve your practice efficiency, and how to get the most out of software. You can see the agenda of the workshop here.

Tickets are on sale until the end of the week so if you are interested, grab your ticket here.


We have some exciting news for you…We are going to be at Xerocon London on 13-14th November! 

This is our first time exhibiting at the conference and we are extremely excited to launch some exciting new Xero/Senta integrations. So, if you are at Xerocon this year, come and say hello and grab yourself a bag of freshly roasted coffee on us!



We are excited to announce that a new Q&A feature is available for beta testing! The Q&A feature enables you to have quick and easy, secure communications with your clients, via the client portal.


To learn more about the Q&A feature and how this will work with your workspace and the Client portal, take a look at our support article here.

To enable the Q&A feature please contact our support team by sending an email to [email protected].

Multiple field picker when adding columns

When adding fields to a column on your client list, you can now select multiple items at once by pressing and holding the CTRL key on your keyboard, saving you time when creating new client lists.

Dynamic tabs - new features

Last month we announced that new tabs will appear dynamically appear on client pages as you fill them in. A new feature has now been added to highlight important details about the form.

When a new tab becomes available to fill in on a client page, Senta will highlight the form as “New”. Once you click on the form, the tab will change to show the number of empty, mandatory fields for you to complete on that form.

Outbox filtering

We recently added in a small change to the practice outbox, which we think will be really helpful for practices who are sending out many emails per day.

If you filter the outbox down to show emails from your email address, Senta will remember this, and will save this filtering for the next time you use the outbox. This means you will only see the emails that you want to send out, filtering out anyone else’s.

Practice outbox

Audit trail date filter

When running audit trails on clients, you can now filter the results within a certain timeframe, giving you faster and more accurate search results.

To learn more about the audit trail feature, click here.

Knowledge base links on Senta pages

The help & support menu will now show the most relevant guide to help you use the page you are accessing within your site. 

We hope this will improve your experience using Senta, whether you’re just getting started, or are working on complex job configurations.

Knowledge base links on Senta pages

Improved mobile UI

Our development team has made some subtle improvements to how Senta appears in mobile browsers. You should notice that menus are easier to use and the page is better adapted to fit smaller screens, so you can continue to use Senta while you’re on the go.


Things we’re working on right now

Improved Xero integration

  • Syncing of client data to and from Xero.
  • Pull through more client data (key business ratios and indicators, bookkeeping data).
  • Pull through your practice’s sales ledger transactions for each client (invoices, payments, credit notes, refunds etc.).

Kanban & production dates

  • Production dates: we’re adding production dates into Senta, so you can track when you’re going to do the work independently of the job date and filing date.
  • Scheduling: instead of all jobs starting on the same day, which can be an issue with jobs such as tax returns (sorry about that) -- Senta will use scheduling strategies to help spread your work out in a more manageable way across the year.
  • You can view and organise your workload week-to-week or month-to-month in Kanban-style lists.
  • You can drag jobs around in the Kanban view to reschedule in an instant. 

Senta user groups

We run a user group webinar every quarter, with the most recent one on September 12th. The next one is planned for late November/early December. If you would like to be part of the next user group, please send an email to [email protected].

A video of the demo sections from the September user group is available to watch here.

Facebook group

The Senta community Facebook group is a place where any users or prospective users can ask questions about Senta, get help, exchange ideas and suggest features.

The group is already a supportive community for anyone interested in using Senta. Click here to find out more.

We are always interested to hear your thoughts on Senta - if you have any feedback, please get in touch with us at Senta Support.