Senta & IRIS: Your questions answered

27th Jan 2021
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Senta by iris
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A couple of weeks ago, we announced the acquisition of Senta by IRIS. There were a lot of questions... A LOT.

webinar senta and iris

So, we held a webinar for clients to answer those questions. Senta founders Phil & James were joined by some of our new colleagues at IRS to lay out our plans for the future.

So why did IRIS buy Senta? 

IRIS acquired Senta and its innovative cloud practice management solution to accelerate the progression of IRIS Elements. It’s part of the wider cloud strategy.

IRIS saw the cloud trends accelerating some time ago and embarked on a major investment in the transformation of the way we develop our solutions, both in terms of processes and delivery.

Senta is perfectly aligned to IRIS’ vision for customer-led development and design, providing a substantial opportunity to help accountancy firms be more profitable, more scalable and deliver great customer service. 

To read the full questions and answers around pricing, support, features and more, click here.

You can view the full recording here

If you’ve still got questions – please do email us [email protected]