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Senta: Practice Ignition integration and new features

5th Dec 2018
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This is where you’ll get the chance to hear a bit about new features we’ve added, as well as any recent company news.

Welcome to this update for December 2018 from the Senta support team, and a big hello to all our new clients from around the world. Things have been very wet and windy in Bristol as we move into the festive season - here’s a picture of Laurence trying to make it in to the office to answer support questions last week:



Our development team has been hard at work implementing updates to Senta. Here’s a few we think you’ll really like:

Practice Ignition integration via Zapier

Zapier is a powerful tool that allows you to easily connect pieces of software that don’t have a native integration. Zapier sits in between them and passes messages or “zaps”.  This means you can do all sorts of clever things, such as hook Senta to your Google Spreadsheets or connect Twitter to your Outlook calendar. The possibilities are endless.

Our new Practice Ignition zap will kick off any selected services in Senta for a new or existing client. If the proposal in Practice Ignition is being sent to a new client, this new client will automatically be created in Senta.

The Senta app in Zapier is currently in alpha. If you are interested in testing this app out for us, get in touch with the support team at[email protected]. To find out more, check out our guide, or take a look at this introductory video.

Date offset functions for EARLIEST/LATEST

You can now add the EARLIEST or LATEST function to date offsets, so tasks will become ready/overdue at the earliest or latest out of two dates. Find out more about EARLIEST and LATEST, and a number of other new functions.

Maths functions in placeholders

We have also added in a maths function, which allows you to do things like adding together fees in emails to clients.


Also recently added

Client upload visibility changes: files uploaded to the client portal will automatically be set to only be visible to that contact, and any practice users.


“Account manager” can now be used as a filter: filter tasks, jobs, and services so that they only apply when a specific user is the account manager.

Show task due dates in the calendar: now task due dates can be set to show in the dashboard calendar, in addition to task start dates.

Add filters to client counter widget: the client counter widget on the dashboard can now be filtered to only show e.g. limited companies.

Automatic account switching when clients try to access documents in the portal: if a client logs in to their personal account in the portal and tries to open a document for their company, Senta will prompt them to switch accounts.


We have a new video guide to help you customise your Senta site which we think you’ll really like. This is a complete guide to importing any processes into Senta, including creating jobs and setting up services. We hope this will really help practices who feel a little daunted at the prospect of moving all of their workflows over to Senta. Click here to watch.


Infrastructure upgrades

We are always looking for ways to improve the service Senta can offer to your practice. You may have noticed a boost in the speed of Senta since November 29th. This is because we recently made some significant upgrades to Senta’s database infrastructure, so that it now runs three times faster. We hope you notice a big difference in the day-to-day running of your Senta site.

He hope you enjoy all the new features! If you need any help or advice, contact Senta Support and we'll be happy to assist you.