Shiny API people: The importance of integrations

13th Apr 2021
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One of the biggest shifts occurring in the payroll space is accountants and payroll experts moving away from an “all-singing-all-dancing” payroll system, and looking for a reliable software that has the ability to integrate with other best in class elements. Likewise, accountants may love the way their accounting software works, but may not be completely happy with the payroll within that software. They want to find the best in class platforms, and let them work together where possible.

Those who want to achieve this are therefore looking for payroll systems that can integrate well with other software with an open API. The ability to integrate seamlessly with different platforms allows a much more streamlined client and payroll experience, and a much easier life for accountants.

Accounting software: avoid restricted connections

Desktop payroll software, or cloud software without an open API creates an extra step in payroll processing. Payroll should seamlessly integrate with accounting software, without the need to manually intervene. A good integration between payroll software and accounting platforms will: 

  1. Allow payroll journals to be automatically transmitted after each pay run, without having to export data into an Excel spreadsheet and then re-upload
  2. Allow you to easily map out your chart of accounts with the accounting software and translate them into payroll.

Find the right software to integrate with

The biggest mistake an accountant can make is choosing the wrong software to integrate with their accounting platform. To ensure a fully streamlined client experience end-to-end, payroll software must not only have an open API, but meet a list of other requirements too. Consider these when seeking payroll software to integrate with your accounting platform:

  • Does the software offer a free trial? Make sure you test it before committing, and be wary of annual contracts locking you in.
  • Is the software fully cloud? Your accounting software is likely to be cloud-based, so ensure you’re meeting the same standards with your payroll. Avoid terms like ‘cloud storage’ and make sure that the payroll software you use is fully accessible and not part-desktop.
  • Does the software make your life easier with automation? A good system should reliably automate calculations and transactions.
  • Make sure you can maintain quality control. Software should also have variables in place to let you know if any automations require attention or if there are any errors needing rectified.

For more tips on how to ensure your payroll software will meet your requirements, download our payroll software evaluation checklist, or check out our other insights.

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