Silverfin inspires accountants with their Fast Forward Studio on 17 September

3rd Sep 2020
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Silverfin inspires accountants with their Fast Forward Studio on 17 September

The accounting profession is constantly evolving: the world is changing, new technologies are emerging, and clients want a service that is quicker, better and different. But where do you start? How do you decide on your strategy? And, as an accountancy firm, which software do you use as an enabler for rapid progress? The answers to those questions are not straightforward, but connected accounting is an important direction to head in. This is why Silverfin is organising its online Fast Forward Studio on 17 September 2020 – to inspire accountants and other financial professionals to get more out of the technology available to them.

Silverfin has chosen the format of a secure, online live show, supplemented by a number of pre-recorded breakout sessions. During these more in-depth sessions, technology partners, clients and Silverfin representatives do a deep dive into the live show topics. Starting at 3.30pm, it will be moderated by a well-known Belgian TV presenter. The first part of the show focuses on terminology: what do all these technologies like AI, IoT, 5G etc. actually mean for the accounting profession? What benefits does implementing FinTech solutions for your clients bring, and what should you be aware of?

Is connected accounting ‘the new normal’?

It looks like connected accounting is going to become ‘the new normal’ in the future. But for some accountants that future state is a bit further away than it is for others. However close it may be, accountancy firms will have to integrate (other) technologies to be able to respond effectively to the changing needs of their clients. Because these clients want more regular interim figures –  especially in these uncertain times – and more information based on benchmarking and data analysis. Firms will therefore need to have access to sufficient data, time and tools to be able to provide their clients with added-value advisory services, and all for a reasonable price. This second live session zooms in on the topic of defining the appropriate technology strategy to reach this ‘new normal’.

Real-life stories about digital transformation

You might like to think of the third session on the agenda as the ‘real-life stories session’. During this session, four key players from the accountancy sector share insights they gained while their firm was undergoing a digital transformation. These are not dressed-up stories, but honest ones – offering you a kind of compass to help you as you navigate your own transformation. The speakers will touch on the shifts in the accounting profession, changing customer needs, and what you need as a firm to be able to respond to these changes in a smart and effective way. Two of the speakers are Martin de Bie from 216 Accountants and Brian Murphy from Deloitte Ireland. 

Technology session and fireside chat

The penultimate session of the live show is all about technology: ‘Bringing modern technology to accounting, how cloud, AI and Machine Learning…can serve accountants today’. In this session, some of the key technology opportunities are explored further. Silverfin’s ‘marketplace partners’ showcase technical developments for accountants in the areas of AI, machine learning, benchmarking and cash tracking.

During the final session, participating guests can use the online chat or live cam to fire off their questions about the future of accounting and technology to the founders of Silverfin, Joris Van Der Gucht and Tim Vandecasteele. The live show will be held in English, with French and Flemish voiceovers. During the show, participants can also enter a quiz on the topics. Three winners will be announced. 

Participation in Silverfin’s Fast Forward Studio is free. Get inspired and register via this link