Six steps to the ideal client

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Clients are the lifeblood of any accounting practice, and those who pay the most aren't necessarily the best clients. Find out how to find your ideal clients with this Receipt Bank guide.

Accountants already have all the data they need to grow their firms: The secret is in their client list. Although it might seem obvious that the most profitable clients are the ones paying high fees, that is not always the case.

Learn how to hack your client list, drop the worst clients and attract the best ones with this Receipt Bank guide.

Find your ideal clients

The first step to find your ideal client is to find out who you’re looking for. We know that turning down clients is scary. But if you use our formula, you can be confident that the ones you say yes to will help you grow faster.

Download the guide for useful tips on:

  • How to find the clients that are really making you money
  • How to create a client strategy that powers growth
  • How to find out which clients you should drop