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Smart MTD for VAT bridging solution - TaxCalc VAT Filer

2nd Nov 2018
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As part of our strategy to make the transition to Making Tax Digital as seamless and trouble-free as possible, we've overhauled our popular VAT filing software, VAT Filer. 

The new enhanced VAT Filer bridging software comes to market fully-equipped for the MTD for VAT switch-on in April 2019. 

Simplicity and flexibility with the future built-in

  1. Bridges the gap between clients’ digital bookkeeping records and accountants’ VAT returns for submission to HMRC’s MTD service
  2. Quickly and easily imports VAT data directly into a VAT return from any spreadsheet via a digital link, including spreadsheets exported from third-party software using a smart and simple on-screen cell selector
  3. Provides the flexibility to file through BOTH the Government Gateway and MTD for VAT services (when the service goes live – or if the accountant registers with HMRC’s beta testing pilot)
  4. Stores all VAT data in one place, including source data, adjustments and supporting documentation
  5. Offers the facility to submit final VAT information digitally and retrieve information back from HMRC via the MTD service, thus providing a single source of truth for VAT data.

VAT Filer also provides the facility to:

  • Utilise useful VAT adjustment wizards - such as Fuel Scale Charge, Bad Debt Relief and Previous Return Correction
  • Add attachments to support the completion of a VAT return
  • Generate reports to review your adjustments and Final VAT return before submission
  • Submit EC Sales Lists and complete additional VAT Forms using our HMRC Forms module
  • Gain swift electronic client approval of VAT returns using TaxCalc eSign Centre (available November 2018).

The best of both worlds

VAT Filer supports multi-service VAT return submissions. So whether an accountant wishes to file using the Government Gateway or through the MTD for VAT service, they can do so.

TaxCalc VAT Filer

Continue to enter VAT data directly into the software and file VAT Returns via the Government Gateway in the build up to MTD for VAT (and beyond for clients below the VAT threshold who voluntarily opt in to VAT). Seamlessly switch to filing via the MTD for VAT service from 1st April 2019 (or as part of the MTD for VAT Pilot).

Price freeze

VAT Filer is available as a MTD-ready product for 2018 prices - from £75.00.

VAT Filer is designed for complete ease of use and created as ever to TaxCalc’s rigorous standards. Users will enjoy the many benefits that come with using the TaxCalc eco-system, including effortless movement between products, seamless integration of data with TaxCalc Client Hub and regular updates to maintain compliance and optimise performance. VAT Filer also features its widely-praised intuitive workflow SimpleStep and the Check & Finish intelligent validation tool which comes into play to flag any potential errors or mismatches of data. 
VAT Filer simply offers the most effective way to bridge the gap between clients’ digital records, efficiently prepare VAT returns and be fully ready for MTD.


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