Smeebi Appoints Seasoned UK Channel Manager

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Smeebi have appointed Malcolm Brabon a seasoned business support advisor and partnership manager. Malcolm will be responsible for promoting Smeebi's partner programme to practicing accountants and other business advisors. Experienced in engaging both SMEs, accountants and support organisations in adopting cloud based accounting software, he will be reaching out to his business advisory network to join with Smeebi to shape the future of business intelligence solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

"I'm delighted to start with Smeebi. Using my 30 years experience of business advisory services in London and the South East I can see how Smeebi as an early stage growth company has a solution with a huge potential to create value added services and an alternative revenue stream for accountants, whilst truly making a difference to the unsung heroes of the UK economy - the small business owner. Together we can educate small business managers on the advantages of business intelligence, helping them to make sense of their data and take positive action with informed decisions." Malcolm Brabon, UK Channel Manager, Smeebi.

As an incentive to gain early partners Malcolm will be offering onsite demonstrations over the next few weeks, as well as a limited opportunity to sign up ‘super user' partners who will benefit from free Smeebi subscriptions, marketing support, training and revenue opportunities. To learn more about Smeebi and to discuss the partnership opportunities please connect with Malcolm, [email protected] or call 020 8166 5545.