Social Media for Accountants: 5 Top Tips to save you time

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social media for accountants

There is no doubt that social media for accountants is essential to stay ahead in today’s online market. However, getting it right is essential in order to reap the benefits that a strong online presence can bring.

Getting it right can take up much of one valuable resource – time, something which accountants wouldn’t claim to have in abundance. Don’t be put off, because it is worth it, because social = power! For more detailed tips,  read the full blog post!

Top Tips:

1) Choose the right platform(s): avoid wasting time on platforms that don’t give you enough reach. Start by thinking - where are my clients socially active? Posting to multiple platforms is a good idea and is possible from one easy to use location with social media tools such as Checkpoint Marketing for Firms.

2) Create visual content: this will provide you with material you can re-use and will save you a load of time in the future. I can do a whole blog on ideas for this (watch this space…) and the sky really is the limit! By providing a constant stream of diverse content updates, using varying visual media you will retain your high value followers.

3) Network with influencers: In order to gain from social media in the long term, spend time engaging with individuals or organisations who are likely to influence the decision making process of your potential clients.

4) Set goals and measure them: you should only spend time on what you know will engage, but how can you know this, without measuring the success of your posts? Just a few moments using an analysis tool such as Checkpoint Marketing for Firms will tell you what content is driving the most success. It will tell you what time of day is best to post as well as what kind of content, so you only need to spend time doing what actually works.

5) Consistency. Consistency. Consistency: would you remain an ally of someone who kept dropping off your radar and then spammed you with forceful content? By maintaining a consistent and relevant presence you will gain faithful connections who trust you and your product/services.

So, we’ve established that social media is a great way to reach out to potential clients as well as nurture relationships with current ones. Managing multiple platforms (most businesses use at least 2 or 3) is timely, so I recommend to save yourself a headache and do your scheduling all in one place.

Every successful firm needs to commit time to marketing. So why not commit time to yours?

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