Speed up employee payments with BrightPay and Modulr

4th May 2021
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A large part of the admin workload when completing a payroll run is the actual payment of the client’s employees and subcontractors. Bank files need to be created and sent, and your team needs to ensure that the right funds are paid out to each employee and subcontractor. So, it’s easy to see how labour-intensive and time-consuming this process can be.

That’s why BrightPay has partnered with Modulr, a payment platform for businesses that need a faster, easier and more reliable way to move money to a variety of payees.

Streamlining the payment process for payroll bureaus

At BrightPay, we’re always striving to make the payroll process as simple, effective and tech-savvy as possible. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce your payroll bureau’s workload, and partnering with Modulr promises to deliver some real efficiency for your team.

Before now, paying your client’s employees meant spending hours each week creating bank files and completing all the manual data-entry and checking associated with making payments. Our new integration with Modulr allows you to pay these employees and subcontractors directly via BrightPay. By keeping the whole payment process inside BrightPay and Modulr, you cut down the workload and speed up the whole process of getting money into the payees’ accounts.

How Modulr is transforming payment

Modulr is a cutting-edge payment platform that’s helping thousands of businesses to automate and streamline their payment processes. By making use of the latest in digital banking and payment technology, Modulr can make payment utterly seamless – and that removes a big headache for your bureau and your client’s finance team.

Payment becomes a simple and straightforward three-step process:

  1. Run payroll as normal with BrightPay – finalise your payslips, select ‘pay by Modulr’ and send the instructions to Modulr. No manual payment file, no extra admin, no fuss.
  2. Approvers are notified that payments are awaiting approval – the client is notified and can log in to Modulr to securely check and approve the payment run.
  3. Top up the Modulr account – one single transaction is used to transfer the necessary funds into the Modulr account, then employees can be paid in a matter of minutes.

It really is that simple. BrightPay and Modulr work in harmony together, keeping the whole process in the digital realm and providing a sleek and elegant way to pay people.

The major benefits of integrating Modulr and BrightPay

If you’re looking to embrace the digital age of payroll software, our Modulr integration should definitely be on your to-do list. But the value of having a payment platform directly connected to BrightPay goes way beyond merely embracing the newest tech.

This integration makes a very real and practical difference to the productivity of your payroll bureau. And that’s something you really can’t put a price on.

Benefits of teaming Modulr with BrightPay include:

  • Saving time and maximising efficiency – you can instantly remove the tedious manual processes of creating a bank file and the inherent risks associated with transferring these files from bureau, to client, to bank. With Modulr, getting the money to your payees is as fast and effective as possible, saving your bureau team hours of unnecessary work and hassle.
  • Eliminate costly payroll errors – wherever there are manual processes, there’s always the potential risk of human error. By taking the payment information directly from the BrightPay payroll file, Modulr knows exactly what to pay, and to who – removing any costly errors, reducing the need for time-intensive checks on the data and ensuring everyone on the payroll gets paid correctly, first time.
  • Secure and compliant network – sending manual files back and forth can be a security risk. With the payroll and payment data synced securely via the BrightPay and Modulr APIs, you can have real peace of mind around your data security. Data is secure and strongly encrypted between parties, with easy-to-manage approval flows.
  • Real-time and 24/7 payments – with Modulr, you can pay your client’s employees in a far more flexible way. Payment can be easily made in real-time, with the payment platform available around the clock, 24/7. You can schedule payments to be made in advance, or even jump in to make last minute changes in seconds.

Bring your payment processes into the digital age

If you want the speed, security and flexibility of a 21st-century payment platform for your clients, we believe that the combination of BrightPay and Modulr is hard to beat. 

With payments taken care of, you can focus on higher-value payroll tasks and building deeper relationships with your clients. You can even get clients involved in payroll entry and approval to add another benefit of BrightPay’s modern and connected way of dealing with payroll.

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