Speeding up consolidation and reporting time - step by step

6th Apr 2021
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Automated financial consolidation

Webinar April 22: Learn how to automate your consolidation

Is your consolidation solution still fit for purpose?
or are you struggeling with ineffeciencies and manual, timeconsuming Excel processes?

In our expereince (after reviewing more than 1000+ Excel consolidations) this method is highly errorprone as manual formula errors often occure, with the consequence of you reporting incorrect financial figures, which unknowingly leads to erroneous decisions.

When you combine this with the fact that it is also time consuming maintaining your Excel sheets, checking for formula errors, and broken links it quickly become obvious why Excel should not be your preferred consolidation solution.

In this webinar we discuss (step by step) what it requires to convert your manual Excel consolidation to an automated process and how new technology will enable you to do more work in less time and increase the value of your work. 

We show you a standardized and simple financial solution  that contains all elements for financial consolidation, and ensures compliance with local GAAP and IFRS requirements and teach you all you need to know about automated financial consolidation;

✅ how you work with exchange rate conversion
✅ how you work with journals
✅ how you work with eliminations
✅ how you work with cashflow

Overall you will learn how you;

✅ ensure correct numbers and full audit trail
✅ guarantee prompt and accurate management reporting

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