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I recently bought 3 tickets to see the Spice Girls on their tour in 2019.  Myself and my 2 adult daughters plan to relive their youth by seeing Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Scary “jamming it to the left and shaking it to the right” live on stage at Wembley in the summer.

Despite my teenage like enthusiasm for this trip, I have to admit, I never bought a Spice Girls album, I didn’t see their film and I never watched the glamourous girls on YouTube.  However, to be present at the live event will be an experience which my girls and I would not miss for the world.

There’s something about the experience of being present, in the room with real human beings which cannot be replaced with any form of digital technology.

According to research carried out for Eventbrite 78% of millennials would choose a live event over the purchase of some desirable item and this trend seems to cross the generations (I expect I’m not the only 50 something heading off to see Take That, the Spice Girls and to a festival next year).

Can we compare a tax focused live event for accountants with the glamour and presence of the fabulous foursome? I certainly believe that digital learning does have its place so why do delegates return season after season to live learning sessions?


Webinars have become a valuable learning mode in the accounting profession.  We want to quickly absorb knowledge, on a tight budget, with time restrictions and maybe gain a few CPD hours. But if you are honest how often are you fully attentive to the whole presentation, how often do you flick to an email or answer a telephone call, under the cloak of invisibility provided by webinar anonymity?

Webinars certainly tick boxes to satisfy the knowledge requirement and ProActivTax members get a full annual programme of topics for webinar based learning, which can be repeated to cover those moments of distraction.

OnLine meetings

One to one online meetings allow an exchange of information on a more personal level and there is no doubt that the time and travel cost savings are substantial, but researchers in China have concluded that face to face time is more valuable in a business relationship than any other form of communication.  The research found online communication, particularly in a work context, can sound cold and lead to misunderstandings. Comparing interactions between the same people online and face-to-face the research found people meeting face-to-face formed more positive impressions of their conversational partner.

At ProActivTax we deliver our resource training to you and your team members in an online environment so that all of the team can be present, it keeps our costs down in delivering the training to you and frees up more of our time to develop more resources. However, we know that the majority of members have already met the ProActivTax team and, in some cases, have had a long established relationship with one or more of us, meaning the online meetings have a familiarity and comfortableness which can only come from having pre-established face-to-face connections.

Live Events

Live events serve many purposes. Whilst we always hope live tax events spice up your lives in truth we strive to engage, educate and inspire the accountants in the room.


Delegates at live events typically want to make connections whether that be with: like-minded professionals in the room as delegates, the team hosting the event or the professional speakers who have knowledge they want to tap into.

The delegate commits to a period of time where they are dedicated to engaging with the content, feel involved and are comfortable to add views or opinions.  The delegates can share experiences on the technicality or the delivery of the specific content as a service.  There is no cloak of invisibility at an event.


The range of content will always vary depending on HMRC’s current thinking, but the knowledge gained from both a technical perspective and sometimes more importantly, from a service delivery perspective, can make a positive difference to a firm’s fee income.

Knowledge from the professional speakers will be technical, from the hosts it will be technical and service based and from other delegates the take away is the camaraderie of sharing the technical knowledge, potential service successes and failures and looking at what software and systems other firms have committed to.


The delegate inevitably returns to the office the following day with a long list of “To Dos”: new services to implement, revisit commitments to ideas from previous events and reminders of services and knowledge which weren’t relevant at a previous time but have come to the fore.

Motivation is boosted, commitment is reinvigorated and content is then shared in a positive way with the team back at the office.

Spice Up Your Life!

So if you fancy spending a morning with Hipop Spice and Valiant Spice to learn a little, share a little and be inspired a little then we would enjoy your company and your input.  Places get reserved really quickly so click here   https://www.proactivtax.co.uk/Content/Events  to make certain you have yours.

HipOp Spice AKA Debra Lowndes is one of the Tax Specialists at ProActivTax and can be contacted at [email protected] or on 01246 488 200.

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