Star Payroll lifts the burden of payment processing

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Accountancy professionals facing increasing costs and complexity of payment processing can now offer payroll services without Bacs accreditation, thanks to Star Payroll.

The payroll specialist has joined forces with CORVID PayGate to enable accountants to create and submit payment files on behalf of clients using the secure Bacs network. This streamlines the entire process, improving end-to-end control and providing greater payment security. As a result, accountancy practices can capitalise on new services and opportunities in the digital economy.

Over the past few years, HR and payroll departments have experienced a seismic shift in payment processing. Additional work for pension auto-enrolment and Real-Time Information; the uplift in work without additional resources; increased processing time, and the cost of Bacs accreditation have placed service providers under more pressure than ever before.

The provision of payroll services is growing as accountancy practices are guiding clients through a once-in-a-generation, political, legislative, economic and social disruption across the industry. Companies are now turning to professional partners to provide payroll compliance and further advisory-based services as further legislation looms.

Howard Hoddell, Head of Sales at Star explains,

The changes in legislation, combined with rising complexity and increased security often prevents companies from running their own payroll. We are seeing many businesses turn to their accountant for support as a natural extension to accountancy services.


 “However, for practices to thrive in the digital economy, services must be commercially viable. Removing Bacs accreditation costs and potentially reducing bank charges enables firms to offer affordable payroll services.”

The Star and CORVID PayGate partnership builds on the current integration, enabling payroll files to be directly imported in their native formats and automatically translated into Bacs-ready transactions. This not only streamlines the process, but ensures there is complete file integrity, maintains security with the data protection rules and provides a level of control to both the accountancy professional and client to ensure payments are absolute.

Craig Steger-Lewis, Managing Director of CORVID PayGate adds, “Our integration with Star Payroll enables accountants to extend the value proposition to their clients. We firmly believe our partnership will support the new reality of payroll. As the industry embraces digitisation and automation, this is a great way to improve service delivery for clients and achieve business-wide cost efficiency.” 

About Star Computers

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