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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Streamline HR document management for your clients

4th Jan 2022
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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As a payroll bureau, you know how important it is to introduce your clients to new products and services that will streamline their day-to-day processes. By recommending cutting-edge innovations that can transform more than just their payroll, you establish your bureau as experts in your industry, set yourself apart from competitor bureaus and add value to your offering.  

But what additional services can you offer? Say hello to BrightPay Connect – a cloud add-on to BrightPay payroll softwareBrightPay Connect includes a whole range of additional features with major benefits for your clients. BrightPay Connect’s document management system presents a great opportunity to introduce something new to your clients that they will use every day. By offering BrightPay Connect to your clients, they can replace old, outdated and less secure methods of document sharing with a leading innovation in payroll and human resources.  

Why Is Document Management Important? 

No matter what industry they’re in, you can guarantee that your clients are regularly sharing documents with employees. These documents could include anything from weekly shift rosters to company policies and handbooks. Depending on the client, these documents could be shared on a Google Drive or a cloud platform such as Dropbox. Or they could even still be printed and filed in more traditional ways.  

BrightPay Connect has been carefully designed and developed with busy businesses in mind and boasts sophisticated functionality your clients will love. BrightPay Connect makes sharing documents with individuals, teams or the entire company simple and its self-service employee app means employees can access documents anytime, anywhere.  

By streamlining document sharing with BrightPay Connect, your clients can transform how they communicate with their employees and securely manage their staff online.  

What Are the Benefits for Your Clients? 

If you’re trying to sell a new service to your clients, you know they’ll want tangible examples of how the benefits will apply to them and their employees. So, here are some great benefits for your clients and the impact they’ll have on their business.  

1. Customised Sharing  

With BrightPay Connect, your clients can decide who has access to uploaded documents. This means that they can choose to share a document with one individual, a group or department, or the entire company. They can also choose to upload a document that only they will have access to, such as an employee HR file. This customisation means that everyone in the business has access to everything they need, and nothing they don’t.  

2. Save Time 

Using BrightPay Connect’s cloud storage can save your clients a lot of time in printing and posting etc. Uploading a document from their employer dashboard is just a matter of a couple of clicks and will appear instantly on the employee dashboard/employee app of whoever has been given access.  

3. Secure Storage 

All documents that are uploaded to BrightPay Connect are automatically stored in the cloud. This means that your clients don’t need to worry about important data being lost, which is a fundamental element of GDPR compliance.  

4. Employer Protection 

BrightPay Connect’s document sharing feature offers an element of protection for employers. Employers can check who has read which documents via a time-stamped log. A good example of this would be if an employee broke company rules and claimed that they had never been informed of the policy in question. The employer could then check the time-stamped log on their employer dashboard to see if that employee had, in fact, read the handbook. Of course, we hope that clients won't run into such issues with employees, but if they do there is peace of mind in knowing that they have that added protection.  

5. More Sustainable 

It goes without saying that cloud storage is infinitely more sustainable than the more traditional method of printing and storing physical copies of documents. Moving to cloud storage via BrightPay Connect is a great way for your clients to make their businesses more eco-friendly.  

To educate your clients on the other benefits of BrightPay Connect, send them to our Client Hub Webpage

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