Streamline your tax season with remote teams

16th Oct 2020
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2020 has accelerated the drive to digital transformation, as practices have seen the need to be set up to work remotely and collaborate securely with clients. Understanding how you will meet your self-assessment deadline on 31 January, with remote teams and lockdown challenges in mind, will be an important question to answer upfront.

Managing remote data review

Now that your client has submitted their data, it will be time to review the information submitted. This year it will be even more important to ensure this happens speedily. Integrated digital tools from Wolters Kluwer can help you do this.

CCH OneClick allows you to set up a live link to all your clients’ Digital Tax Accounts, meaning that the data is fed into CCH OneClick which ensures you have all that information in one place. CCH OneClick is linked to CCH Personal Tax, which means you can review the data and simply send it to your tax return with no need to rekey data.

Managing remote approvals

Digital tools will be key to a remote approval process. CCH OneClick’s Messages & Documents functionality allows any documentation created for a client to be easily sent securely and confidentially. Clients in turn can approve documents through the system and respond to any messages received.

For more tips on how to streamline your tax return process this year, watch our webinar.

Watch the webinar.