Streamlined payroll for modern clients: Daniel Jaworski at Go2 Accountants

3rd Aug 2021
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Finding the right payroll solution for your accounting firm can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your payroll service. With a modern solution, like BrightPay, at the heart of the practice, you can side-step many of the traditional hassles involved in the admin process.

We spoke to Daniel Jaworski at the newly rebranded Go2 Accountants Ltd (formerly Deeagle Tax and Accounts Ltd) to hear how BrightPay has transformed their payroll function.

Q. Tell me a little about Go2 Accountants and the clients you work with.

We’re a very small practice, but we’ve just rebranded as Go2 Accountants and are aiming for growth now. The practice was a side business for a few years but it’s been a full-time proposition for a couple of years now, offering accounting and advisory as well as payroll. 

For payroll purposes, we have 12 payroll clients at the moment and a focus on creative and digital agencies. Being able to offer them a modern payroll solution that’s based around an app is something our clients love, so BrightPay has become a very useful tool for us.

Q. How long have you been a BrightPay user?

We started at the beginning of 2021 with BrightPay and it’s really helped us to streamline our processes around payroll. We tested the software first for the previous tax year, and now we’ve moved all our clients over to the platform. We were using Payroll Manager before this, but BrightPay is a far more comprehensive and flexible solution.

We did a lot of research on the payroll software market and the BrightPay Connect app was what caught our eye. We had one lead who needed an online solution with an app on the phone. That lead didn’t materialise, but we found BrightPay through our research and loved the option of having BrightPay Connect and a cloud portal for clients and their employees. 

Q. What have the key benefits been of switching to BrightPay?

Payroll used to take us around a day and half to run every month. With BrightPay, we can get the payrolls for all 12 clients done in a couple of hours. The speed of doing the payroll has been cut down dramatically – and that keeps us more efficient as a practice too.

Having the BrightPay Connect platform on the phone, where employees can see the payslips and request holidays is a great benefit for clients. What we love is that we can send payroll requests – the client just has to submit the payroll information and send it back through the online system. BrightPay then fills in all the details, so there’s no manual entry, and we can send it to the client for final approval too.

It streamlines everything and has been really great for our productivity. BrightPay links with the main accounting platforms we use too. So we have payroll journals going through to Xero, QuickBooks and QuickFile and we also have integrations with the different pensions providers. We had to fill out and format these reports before; now we just click a button and it’s done!

We can also check for updates from the HMRC site, and that feeds through to the payroll. It’s all much simpler and easier, and to me, it’s foolproof. There’s less margin for human error, for sure, which is a big bonus.

Q. What other elements of BrightPay would you like to use?

We are pushing our clients to think about moving to the new Modulr direct payments

option in BrightPay. It’s a much more effective way to pay employees straight from BrightPay, so we want clients to start using this. It’s a great feature. You don’t need to think about bank files and the external payments as it’s all integrated for you.

Q. How happy are you with BrightPay as your payroll platform?

We love the product and BrightPay has always been very good at the customer service side. If we have a query they are always there to help and they’re open to suggestions too.

It’s been very easy to get clients using BrightPay Connect. They love being able to view their payroll information from the app and we have only had praise from our client base. Sending everything via the portal with holiday requests and payslips is a game-changer. Clients can log in and see exactly what has to be paid to HMRC, and employees can log in to see and download their payslips. So it cuts out a lot of the admin work we used to do, emailing information out to clients and their staff. 

Q. What are your goals for Go2 Accountants in the future?

We’re excited about the rebrand to Go2 Accountants and looking forward to being at a stage where we can start marketing our services and getting out there in the wider market. 

With our cloud systems supporting us, we don’t limit ourselves to a geographical area. So we’re looking to focus on digital agencies and businesses that appreciate the online way of working. Our current clients love BrightPay as their payroll solution because they like the online solutions and the integrations with their cloud accounting etc. It makes sense to have BrightPay.

Xero and QuickBooks both have their own payroll solutions, but the reporting is very basic and their pricing is per employee. Economically, for our clients, BrightPay is a better solution because of their pricing structure. We don’t like to charge clients per employee for payroll software, so we prefer that the BrightPay package covers all employees with one straightforward price.

I’d estimate that BrightPay saves us about 80% of the time we spend on payroll. It’s fast, easy to use and limits human errors, so it’s a no-brainer to use. 

BrightPay is a payroll software that makes managing payroll quick and easy, making your payroll fast, effective and straightforward.

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