Stressful times ahead?

23rd Jan 2020
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Managing the multiple stresses of everyday life can often prove challenging, frustrating and both physically and emotionally draining. Our recent article (Emotional Rescue), on pages 28 and 29 of this month’s ACCA’s AB Magazine, highlights some of the primary emotional factors when dealing with stress.

Our top tips when dealing with stress:

1. Remaining positive is sometimes more difficult than it seems when excessive pressure is being experienced. You can improve your chances by surrounding yourself with positive individuals.

2. Our emotions impact our physiology and change the way we feel. Recognising these changes can be helpful in understanding when we’re under too much pressure and need to consider alternative options for dealing with the stress. Keeping a record of your physiological changes when experiencing intense emotions can help to provide an early warning.

3. Validating and accepting your feelings will help you face rather than avoid your emotional experience. In reality, feelings come and go, and rarely remain at the level of intensity that they are sometimes experienced at. What is important is how you respond to your emotions and the behaviour you choose to exhibit.

4. Recognising that your willpower is a limited resource can help you determine when and how high-pressure and complex tasks should be tackled. Try to ensure that you hold some willpower ‘in reserve’.

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